April 2016

How to choose between your bathroom tile ideas

Tile is still the number one choice in the bathroom renovation. Yes, there are alternative products but the advancements in tile, tile grout and backer board have kept tile very popular. Plus you can’t beat the aesthetic appeal of tile. In the past some of the backer boards and grouts have led to higher maintenance with tile. When you… Read More»

How to design the ultimate outdoor BBQ and kitchen

Outdoor BBQs and kitchens are becoming popular in backyard resort design.  Just like your kitchen is the heart of activity inside the home, the outdoor kitchen is the meeting point outside. We have built many custom kitchens to suit the individual needs of the home owner.  Four of our designers are qualified at designing outdoor… Read More»

Ultimate Guide to En-suite Bathroom Renovations

The en-suite bathroom became very popular in the 70’s and 80’s. Fast forward thirty to forty years later and there are many en-suites that need renovating. Most en-suites had small showers or basic bath tubs if they were standard size rooms. If you had a larger en-suite you probably had a big two person corner tub with jets. Some… Read More»

How To Choose Hot Tub Supplies

Our Water Lab Technicians at Aqua-Tech pride themselves on ensuring the best water quality for each and every individual.  When choosing hot tub supplies, we are here to guide you.  We will always send you home with only the product your hot tub needs, saving you as much money as possible.  We have a few different… Read More»