Whyte Ridge


Whyte Ridge

One of the most underrated parts of many vacations are the luxury of a spa hotel bathroom. That was the inspiration for this design.

The clients had recently come back from a trip and wanted their bathroom to feel like a retreat.

Our in-house design team did a full relocation of the fixutres to better the flow and feel of the room.

The best part of a vacation is bringing a piece of it home with you and, since this renovation, now everyday feels like staying at a 5 star retreat thanks to Aqua-Tech!

More About This Project

Redesign of the Space

Turning this tight awkward space into a 5 star bathroom was a challenge, but our guys do love a good challenge. The first step was creating a brand now layout. The weird corner tub needed to be removed and space for a shower had to be created but the space that the tub occupied wasn’t going to work as there was also a bump out for the furnace on that wall. Instead we decided that the vanity can go here!

Modern Cabinets

The bright white cabinets accented the brown speckled counter top that glistened in the natural light. A tall linen closet was built to cover up the furnace bump out and maximize storage space.

New Shower

It featured everything you could want in your dream shower, a rainfall and hand rod shower head, bench seating, exquisite tile work on the floor, walls and ceiling, a custom fitted glass shower wall and of course, the towel rack inside the enclosure.

In Shower Towel Storage

Not only did it boast multiple shower heads but a unique feature we hadn’t even thought of. They wanted an area for their towels INSIDE the shower enclosure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This number will depend on a variety of factors of course but an average 5’ x 8’ Bathroom will typically be in the $23,000 to $25,000 depending on the design and product selection.

With an Aqua-Tech Bathroom renovation, the work is all completed by our highly trained Installers. The only sub trade we have on site is our Electrician and that is strictly for Insurance purposes.

It would be our pleasure to provide you with a number of Bathroom Renovation clients as a reference! They’ve all had some previous experiences with trades and had the same questions and concerns you’re probably concerned about.

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