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Few things completely renew and add life to your pool more than a new liner. You may take this opportunity to not just add a facelift through a new modern liner pattern or a pop of colour to your pool, but also other features! Consider upgrades such as new built-in steps, water features, stamped concrete decking, or even changing the size of the pool. Almost anything is possible and when your liner is being replaced, it is the best time to take the plunge and make updates all at once!

At Aqua-Tech, we have pool liners in various patterns and colours, from light tranquil and deep blue, to grey mosaic and more! When it comes to pool liners, we have over 1200 different combinations and custom styles available. Our 60 most-common styles are listed on this site. By knowing what questions to ask, you can find the right type of liner fast. Talk to our team for more information or help getting started!

Vinyl Liner Visualizer

It’s now easier to select the perfect liner pattern! With the online liner visualizer, you can have fun and conveniently design your ideal pool, even down to the water’s color tone.

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Every mechanical system needs to be taken care of. When you are changing your liner, it is the best time to check how things are operating under the hood of your pool and fix any problems before they occur. While changing your liner our team performs a full 138 point inspection to make sure that you will stay swimming for years!

All our liners now feature a patent pending completely line-free appearance. Ultra-seam technology isn’t just beautiful, it is stronger than the standard welded seams on liners and will last longer in your pool. Ultra-Seam isn’t just a better liner, we consider it an entirely new category of liner.

When it comes to personalizing your backyard experience, we really believe that you deserve it and that we can do that better than anyone else. Want to swim with your favorite sport’s team logo? Done. Want to place that favorite saying or quote for all to see? Done. We can add custom imagery and text to pool liners as you want.

Many people want more of their backyard or want their pool to be larger. You might be surprised to know that we reduced the size of approximately 25% of the pools we renovate. Whether you want your pool larger or smaller, this is all possible at the time of changing your liner. Like a rectangle shape instead of an L shape? Like to build in stairs? Like to have a larger shallow end? All possible when changing your liner.

Tired of using a Solar Blanket? It wasn’t always the case but we can install an Auto Cover on virtually any size and shape of existing pool. Auto-covers can be controlled from your mobile device or pool side button. They greatly increase the pleasure of owning the pool and of course reduce the maintenance cost. We do not recommend walking on a cover to extend the life of it, but auto-covers are now made strong enough to support a person, adding a layer of safety and reassurance for you and those little ones who might wander or the pet who might get too excited!

Almost 100% of new pools we build have multiple entry and exit points built into the pool. When changing your liner, we can change your current steps to built in or add new built in at any location you wish. Built in steps not only function as entry/exit points but also act as great places to rest, relax and enjoy your pool.

The serene sound of babbling water cascading down rocks somehow just puts us in relax mode. Adding water falls, water streams or any water feature is one of the simplest renovation upgrades.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! Most people like to change their pool liner in the spring as it effects the pool usage least….or so they think! The best time for your pool structure is to replace the pool liner in the heat of the summer when the ground conditions are dry and stable. The process is pretty fast and we can easily accommodate this when your family is at the cottage for a couple days. Other than that, an autumn liner replacement works great for many folks. The great news is that we change pool liners April into October so there is lots of time to get you and your family swimming

There is a lot of steps that go into changing your pool liner. What most people find surprising is that more than half of them occur before we even start to drain the water from your pool. What we find on average is that from the day the existing pool is drained until the day you are able to swim again is about 7 days.

We have 5 pool crews building dreams every day there is no snow. The sooner you click here to book your appointment with our team to discuss options the quicker we can get your pool looking beautiful!


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