St Lawrence 20ft


St Lawrence 20ft

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About the St Lawrence 20ft Swim Spa

The 20ft. St. Lawrence Swim Spa is the perfect all-around solution for all your swimming and relaxation needs! The hot tub zone features various seating styles, including a Captain’s Chair with headrest, Coach’s Chair, barrier-free bench, and an exclusive stand-up chair for a deep-tissue leg massage. The swim zone offers an incredible amount of swim space with flat side walls so you can enjoy more space while exercising. Both zones are controlled by separate temperature systems, allowing you to set the swim zone as low as 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the hot tub zone all the way up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The 20ft. St. Lawrence is powered by five 16.4-amp, 5 horsepower pumps to provide all the power you need to swim, jog, walk or exercise as the ongoing stream keeps your balance and enables effective hydro training. Our spas use Glacier filtration and a built-in ozone generator to keep your water crystal clear without hassle – letting you focus on enjoying your time in the spa, rather than caring for it! The 20ft. St. Lawrence offers unbeatable value through its combination of swim space, seating capacity, quality, features and design. The spas LED lighting, built-in Bluetooth audio, aromatherapy system, and cascading waterfalls, create a full-sensory experience, making it the perfect compliment to your backyard!


St Lawrence 20ft GL 17-Person 73-Jet Swim Spa

234 in x 90 in x 54 in
Seats : 17 Adults
72 Jets
8080 l
22000 lbs. Filled
3800 lbs. Dry

Features of the St Lawrence 20ft Swim Spa

Experience personalized hydrotherapy with Multi-Speed functionality. Adjust the speed of water jets to your liking, providing varying levels of massage intensity for a truly customizable spa experience in your hot tub.
Led Lighting
Illuminate your hot tub experience with vibrant LED Lighting. Set the mood with customizable colors, enhancing ambiance and creating a visually stunning oasis for relaxation and enjoyment in your backyard retreat.
Glacier Filtration
Advanced Glacier Filtration technology ensures crystal-clear water, promoting a clean and healthy environment for your relaxation and enjoyment.
Adjustable Jets
Discover customizable relaxation with our Adjustable Jets feature. Tailor your hydrotherapy experience to your preference, targeting specific muscle groups for ultimate comfort and relief in your hot tub oasis.
Waterfall Ambiance
Transform your spa experience with the Waterfall Ambiance feature in our hot tubs. Immerse yourself in serene sounds and visual elegance, enhancing relaxation and creating a soothing atmosphere for ultimate rejuvenation.
Bluetooth Audio
Unwind in style with Great Lakes Hot Tubs’ Bluetooth Audio feature. Stream your favorite tunes while soaking, creating the perfect ambiance for relaxation and enjoyment in your spa oasis.
Experience ultimate relaxation with Great Lakes Hot Tubs’ Aromatherapy feature. Elevate your soak with soothing scents, enhancing your spa experience for total rejuvenation and tranquility.

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Control Your St Lawrence 20ft Swim Spa from Anywhere

Connect via a smartphone app to monitor and control your hot tub from afar, with the SmartTub™ System.

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