3 Ways Louis Riel Would Use His Hot Tub

Louis Riel… a famous Canadian politician, founder of Manitoba, and political leader. Ever wonder how the guy would use his hot tub? Which hot tub chemicals he would use? Maybe some fragrances? Well, we’ll never know for sure but here’s 3 ways we think Louis would use his hot tub…

Bathrooms Made Beautiful in Winnipeg!

It’s well documented that the bathroom in a house is one of the most used rooms in any house. With that much use a bathroom will need renovation every 15-20 years on average. The illustrations below are just a small sample of what some Winnipeggers have done to redo their bathrooms and have Aqua-tech make… Read More»

5 Valentine Hot Tub Tips

  Ahhh… Valentine’s Day… planning on spending it relaxing with your significant other or by yourself in the hot tub? We’ve got some tips and all of the hot tub supplies to use to help you make the most your Valentine’s Day spent with your one true love… your hot tub (oh – and maybe… Read More»

Top 7 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Hot Tub

Purchasing a hot tub or spa (which is an interchangeable word) will require an investment between $5,000 and $20,000. No matter your budget you need to do some research before you part with your hard earned dollars. Here is a list of things to consider before you get into hot water…

4 Fun Hot Tub Facts

We know that all hot tub owners love their hot tubs because they are warm, soothing, and help us to escape the stresses of everyday life! However, there are plenty of other reasons to love your hot tub besides these reasons. Here are four fun facts about hot tubs which will make you love your… Read More»

Your Spa Over The Winter Months

Look Listen & Smell It’s been a cold winter so far but we are about half way through is the good news. That being said it’s no wonder why Winnipeg is considered one of the colder cities in the world but we still love our Hot Tubs.  Speaking of which have you had a look… Read More»