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Hot Tub Service in Winnipeg

With the right approach to maintenance and care, you can enjoy your hot tub for many years to come. That’s why we’re proud to offer our community and surrounding areas professional hot tub service and maintenance solutions!

By choosing us as your maintenance provider, you’ll be able to keep your hot tub functioning more reliably and invest in long-term enjoyment. Enjoy hydrotherapy with loved ones as often as you’d like, for as long as you deserve!

Enjoy Your Hot Tub for Longer

At Aqua-Tech, we firmly believe that preventative care and ongoing maintenance is the key to a long-term investment. To ensure that your hot tub lasts for many enjoyable years to come, scheduling regular maintenance from a professional team is imperative.

Not only can a professional help to ensure that your hot tub receives the right water care products and is maintained to the highest standard, but they can also inspect the spa for any potential problem areas. By catching these issues early and treating them accordingly, you can extend the lifespan of your spa and reduce the risk of costly repairs.

Why Work With Us?

With Aqua-Tech, you can enjoy a hassle and stress free process when it comes to your hot tub service. Our skilled team has been installing, maintaining and providing emergency repair services to Winnipeg residents for over 30 years. When you rely on Aqua-Tech for emergency repairs, you won’t have to worry about whether the contractor you’ve chosen ever fixed a hot tub before or understands the intricate components and plumbing.

When you choose Aqua-Tech for your regular hot tub maintenance, you get the most experienced team in Winnipeg helping you ensure that throughout your ownership, your hot tub will perform like it did when it was first installed!

Our Hot Tub Service Solutions

The Importance of Hot Tub Covers

Hot tub covers are indispensable for both indoor and outdoor spas. They serve various purposes, including regulating water temperature, minimizing chemical loss, preventing debris accumulation, and enhancing safety by averting accidental submersion. A well-fitted cover ensures optimal functionality, providing peace of mind and preserving the spa’s longevity.

Why Aqua-Tech?

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Carlos, the employee that came to service our hot tub, is doing a great job. He was very professional, friendly and clean. He did the work quietly and quickly and after he left there was no sign he had even been there (other than the tub was fixed). This employee is representing your company in a wonderful way.


John D.

Let Aqua-Tech Help!

With the right approach to maintenance and care, you can enjoy your hot tub for many enjoyable years to come. Whether you’ve discovered a leak, require a quarterly water change or simply don’t have enough time to clean your spa, our team is here to help.

Give us a call or request hot tub service online to get started! Our service team can provide you with guidance and support as you get started, and then every step of the way.


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