This city backyard pool is full of customized perfection. A rectangular pool featuring built in hot tub/spa, sheer decent waterfall, automatic pool cover and corner step. This client has little munchkins and added a shallow end line to help the kids know where is safe and where they will need extra help in the water.

16 x 32 ft

Project Scope

Interior Attached Spa

With a concrete poured edge! Isn’t it gorgeous! The water temperature is increased in your spa by using your smart phone. Within 20 minutes your set to go!

Tuxedo pool project rectangle shape by Aqua Tech image 6

Sheer Descent Water Feature

Now this used to have beautiful plants on top! However, the customer had little munchkins, and then were jumping from the water feature! Needless to say we did an edit and added the stone top instead of the plants for the continuation of jumping fun time!

Tuxedo pool project rectangle shape by Aqua Tech image 5

Corner step

This custom step maximized the space in the shallow end while also doubling as a bench to rest and relax in the beautiful pool. Custom adding this in the corner also allows the family to enter and exit the pool at the nearest possible location to the home.

Tuxedo pool project rectangle shape by Aqua Tech image 3

Auto cover

An auto roller cover is a magnificent addition to any pool! These save lives and reduce maintenance costs! You can walk across the blanket! However, not too often as to maintain the cover!

Tuxedo pool project rectangle shape by Aqua Tech image 1

Shallow End Safety Line

A floating line across the pool acting as a visual reminder and safeguard to everyone small and big alike. You don’t have to ask, ‘what side of the line can I jump in?’

Tuxedo pool project rectangle shape by Aqua Tech image 2


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Frequently Asked Questions

Every pool is custom designed to be your dream! The more unique the features the longer the project can take but the average is 2-3 weeks from the time we start until YOUR FIRST POOL PARTY!

The average project in the last few years has ranged between $70,000 – $100, 000. Our specialty is making YOUR pool just for YOU so many projects are less and some are more.

We have 5 pool crews building dreams every day there is no snow. The sooner you click here to book your appointment with a design expert the quicker we can get you swimming!



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