Water care is the single most important aspect of swimming pool ownership and ensuring that your water is crystal clear and algae free all summer long has a huge impact on how much enjoyment you can get out of your investment. When you work with Aqua-Tech to ensure you’re using the fewest chemicals to get the best result for your pool or hot tub, you’ll enjoy more swimmable days than you would with anyone else. When you let our experts help you maintain perfect water chemistry using our high-quality chemicals, you’re preparing for safe, sparkling and algae-free water all season long.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Aqua-Tech for carrying the BioGuard line of products. This product, coupled with regular chlorine and algaecide has proven to be a real time saver. I am looking forward to many years of enjoyable swimming with minimal hassle and maintenance.

Your Best Water Care Options

With so many options for water care, from fast acting products to ones that produce more gentle results, it can be a challenge to navigate them all. Aqua-Tech’s water care experts will learn about your pool or hot tub requirements and work with you to create a programmed approach to your water care needs. You’ll leave our store with a simple to manage water care regime that will maximize your swimmable days each and every summer.

One-of-a-Kind Water Lab

If you are struggling to solve an existing issue, you can trust our team to find the solution. Our in-house water testing facility is second to none and we’ll swiftly be able to determine the root of your problems and design a course of treatment to quickly return your water to pristine condition.

IMG_8240Salt Water Specialists

With an increasing number of Winnipeggers making the switch to salt water, you’ll need to rely on a partner who understands the benefits and differences of this system. Aqua-Tech’s experts have comprehensive experience with establishing and maintaining salt water chemistry. We’ve also developed exclusive relationships with suppliers so that you have access to the best quality salt water products.

Decades of Helping Home Owners

Aqua-Tech has been helping Manitobans maintain their swimming pools for decades. In that time we’ve developed relationships with the best water care product developers while evolving our unique in-house water testing facility. You’ll find everything you need to enjoy your swimming pool all season long under our roof. We even have our very own Water Doctor to help you maintain perfect conditions throughout the whole season!

Contact us now to ensure your sparking clear water stays that way all season long.

Worry Free Water Care

Ensure crystal clear water, starting today! Discover Aqua-Tech’s Programmed Approach.

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pool care checking

Water Testing Facility

Aqua-Tech tests 8 more parameters than anyone else—why settle for anything less?

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Problem Solving

Rely on Aqua-Tech’s problem solving expertise to find out exactly what’s happening in your pool and prevent it from happening again.

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