3 Coolest Pool Tools

There are many great pool tools out there that make maintenance fast, easy, and FUN! Aqua-Tech sells some of Winnipeg’s coolest pool supplies. We’ve narrowed it down to the top three coolest pool tools. Now put that old vacuum hose down and lets get to it…

Common Misconceptions about Pool Cleaning

There are many different components to keep in mind when cleaning a pool – sort of like all the different ingredients needed to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Keep in mind, every pool is different and some require extra care than others. But don’t worry… pool cleaning is much easier than you think!… Read More»

Weekly Pool Care and Maintenance Pricing

pool care checking

There are 2 main components to owning a pool – specialized service (like pool opening, pool closing and repairs) and regular preventative care and maintenance (cleaning the pool, testing and adjusting the chemistry, etc). Many of us have lawn care services or help cleaning our house so we can spend the limited time we have… Read More»

Cleaning of Hot Tub and Spa Filters

hot tub filter cleaning

Did you know that your hot tub and spa filter should be CHEMICALLY cleaned (not just rinsed or hosed off) about once a month? Well, you know now!  The cleaner you keep your spa filter the less chemicals your hot tub will require and the easier and less expensive your spa will be to maintain.

What You Can Expect For Pool Maintenance Costs

Here at Aqua-Tech we pride ourselves in making sure you to enjoy your pool as much as possible. If you find yourself worrying about the maintenance a pool comes with such as pool maintenance costs, purchasing chemicals and putting them into your pool, to vacuuming and scooping the dirt out, we have the perfect solution.… Read More»

When is the best time for a pool maintenance service?

Is your pool seeming to be more work than it used to be?  Has your schedule changed and the pool seems to be getting neglected?  Are you tired of taking care of the pool and just want to swim and have fun?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need pool… Read More»