3 Coolest Pool Tools

There are many great pool tools out there that make maintenance fast, easy, and FUN! Aqua-Tech sells some of Winnipeg’s coolest pool supplies. We’ve narrowed it down to the top three coolest pool tools. Now put that old vacuum hose down and lets get to it…

Cool Pool Tool #1: Filter hose

There are a few different types of filter cleaning tools…

The first tool is a Filter Flosser (no, it does not double as a dental hygiene product… sorry!). This tool has the perfect circumference of a spa filter and will also make do if needed for a pool filter. It’s a great tool for removing surface oils! It has shut off valve for you to control when to turn the water on and off. Though the spray head will get in between each plead on the filter, the spray head won’t reach to the core of the filter and get that little bit of dirt (that will make all the difference) deep in the filter.

Quick Tips: We can’t stress enough how important the FLICK is when cleaning your filter. When cleaning your filter, we recommend cleaning top to bottom. When your hose/filter pool reaches the bottom of the filter, flick outwards! By flicking outwards, you are actually getting all the dirt you just hosed off out of that filter opposed to just sitting at the bottom. And in the long run, it’ll make for a long lasting filter!

The second tool is an Aqua Comb. An Aqua Comb will make do for both a spa and pool filter. Just like the Filter Flosser, the Aqua Comb has a shut off valve. Along with its strong water pressure, the threads are a little too far apart from each other for my liking. So instead of cleaning every plead, It will clean every other plead.

The third (and my personal favorite) tool is the Power Pic. This tool works perfectly for spa and pool filters. With this filter tool, because it is a long stick with a strong water pressure, it can go inside the hole of the filter, cleaning from the inside out. With the water pressure of this pool tool, it goes directly into the core of the filter getting the entire dirt out of there. Though it does not have a shut off valve, its high pressure and precise cleaning will help give your filter the longest life it can get!


Cool Pool Tool #2: Pool and Spa cleaning mitt

Your hand stays dry and your pool/spa gets clean!

This ultra mitt has a glove on one side so your hand can stay dry and an Ultra Mitt on the other side. Ultra Mitt is designed remove those tough scum and slime deposits. It will give your Spa/Pool edges that extra shimmer that a plain old cloth from the kitchen just can’t do.


Cool Pool Tool #3: Spa Vac

It’s a vacuum, for a spa!

Spa Vac’s are made for your convenience. They’re made easy to use for your spa or even your shallow end in your pool. With a simple place of your finger on the hole at the top of the stick when putting it in the water, release and vacuum up any dirt on the bottom. In just under 5 minutes, the bottom of your spa or shallow end of your pool will be shimmering clean all thanks to you and your Spa Vac!

Stop by our showroom or click here to visit our online store and check out our cool pool tools… you will not be disappointed!


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