Cleaning of Hot Tub and Spa Filters

Did you know that your hot tub and spa filter should be CHEMICALLY cleaned (not just rinsed or hosed off) about once a month? Well, you know now!  The cleaner you keep your spa filter the less chemicals your hot tub will require and the easier and less expensive your spa will be to maintain.

1. Before removing the filter:

a) Stop pump (turn off breaker if required)
b) Ensure there are no free-floating items in the hot tub (sanitizer floater, thermometer, loose pillows, suction socks, etc)


2. Remove the soiled filter. Install the spare (second filter). Restart the hot tub.

3. Chemically Cleaning a Dirty Hot Tub Filter (to be done every 4-6 weeks)

a) Hose off debris on the filter using normal garden hose pressure
~DO NOT clean at the car wash
~ DO NOT use a pressure washer
b) Fill container with very HOT water
c) Add filter-cleaning chemical to water
BioGuard Filter Brite: 1—100 gm pouch per 20 ltrs of hot water
Dazzle Filter Revive: 600 ml per 20 ltrs of hot water
d) Soak for 18 hours
e) Remove filter and rinse fully with garden hose. This is the part that is not pleasant (especially in the winter when rinsing indoors). The filter should be rinsed pleat by pleat, from the top of the pleat to the bottom and then five your stream of water a little ‘flick’ with your hand. When you have done the whole circumference of the filter randomly look between a few of the folds – there should be no debris left even in the very deepest part of the pleat. A proper post-soak rinse usually takes 30-40 minutes (depending on the size of your filter).

Tech tip: having 2 sets of filters will allow the newly cleaned cartridges to air dry completely beforeinstallation. This will give you a longer filter cycle.

4. Throughout the year tips:

a) If jet pressure is decreasing, even slightly, remove the filter and hose off—this is usually done every 7-14 days. Chemical cleaning should be done ever 6-8 weeks.
b) If you have had a spa problem (cloudy water, foaming, extreme pH imbalance), chemically clean your filter.
c) Remember to Swirl Away or Drain and Prep every time you drain and refill the hot tub
d) Use and enzyme like SpaGuard Refresh or Dazzle Botanical Cleanse weekly to digest the # 1 cause of dirty filters (organic loading can be prevented).
e) Check with the water lab at Aqua-Tech to find out if your weekly spa care routine is helping or hindering your filtration.
If you don’t want to chemically clean your filters yourself, bring them into Aqua-Tech’s service department . We have a service that will clean them for you.


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