Common Misconceptions about Pool Cleaning

There are many different components to keep in mind when cleaning a pool – sort of like all the different ingredients needed to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Keep in mind, every pool is different and some require extra care than others. But don’t worry… pool cleaning is much easier than you think! That being said, there are many common misconceptions when cleaning a pool. Read more for a list of the 4 top common misconceptions we hear from our customers about pool cleaning.

I Only Need to Clean the Visible Dirt:

False – A proper pool cleaning means you should vacuum and brush your entire pool, whether you can see the debris or not. Outdoor pools are regularly exposed to a fair share of elements. Debris such as pollen, soil, leaves, and grass clippings frequently invade the pool, polluting the water. That being said, sometimes these particles separate and do not settle in one area. It is important to skim, brush, and vacuum the entire pool to ensure you do not miss any of these tiny pesky particles.

I Only Need to Vacuum on Filter:

False – You should only vacuum larger particles on filter. Small/fine debris should be vacuumed onto waste/drain as it is difficult for your filter to sift out such tiny particles.

My Sand Filter Only Needs to be Backwashed:

False – you should deep cleanse, chemically clean your filter at least once a year as well as after any pool problems such as algae. Chemically cleaning your filter gets rid of all the built up dirt and grime that a simple backwash cannot. The ideal time to chemically clean your filter is right before you are ready to winterize your pool for the season. Doing this in the fall is easier while the filter is still wet. Left until spring, those particles may be more difficult to remove, reducing the efficiency of the filter.

Pool Cleaning must be done yourself:

FALSE – There are many different ways to clean a pool without having to do a ton of work yourself. Automatic pool cleaners, such as the Kreepy Krauly Prowler, are GREAT for pool owners who are always on the go! For more information about the Prowler, click here.  If you do not feel comfortable cleaning your pool yourself or if you are simply just too busy, hire Aqua-Tech for pool maintenance and we will do the work for you! For more information about Aqua-Tech Pool Maintenance, click here.
Tech tip: The cleaner your pool is, the fewer chemicals you will need!!


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