When is the best time for a pool maintenance service?

Is your pool seeming to be more work than it used to be?  Has your schedule changed and the pool seems to be getting neglected?  Are you tired of taking care of the pool and just want to swim and have fun?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need pool maintenance service.

The Aqua-Tech Clean Team has many different varieties and packages of service to suit every pool and hot tub owner and accommodate the flexibility in different services for different pools and different families.  The most typical types of pool maintenance service can be qualified into 4 categories:

Weekly, or twice per week all season care 4 types of pool maintenance service:

This is the pool care program that you sign up for regular visits on the same day of the week, every week.  This program is best for folks who only want to swim (book at least 2 visits per week) or folks who just want to touch up the pool and do light duties but not want to worry about a full deep clean of the pool and looking at balancing water chemistry (book once per week).  Our premium pool care service is the best way to have the best chemical care, the best water quality and the best satisfaction with the least amount of work.   Each visit includes a variety of tasks including:

Inspection and adjustments as required to water quality;

assessment of water temperature;

notation of filter pressure;

rinsing/backwashing of filter media as required;

cleaning hair and lint baskets, scum line, deck;

solar cover cleaning/rinsing as required; v

vacuuming with skimmer socks;

on site water testing;

monthly full lab analysis;

water balance and application of required products to ensure a safe, sparkling and algae-free pool.             

Work orders are filled out by a Pool Maintenance technician with type and quantity or chemical added and notes are taken. 

Any pool issues will be brought to your attention on these work order copies left on site. 

Billing is completed per visit and a copy of emailed to you when the work order is processed.


Vacation pool maintenance service

Are you going on a vacation and worried how your pool with fair without someone to look after it? Do you not want to trouble your family, neighbours and friends with having to check in on the pool while you area away?  Are you worried that weather will affect your pool while you are enjoying a family holiday?  Our pool maintenance team can be booked to perform your weekly maintenance while you’re away so you can enjoy your vacation worry free!

Green to Clean/Cloudy to Clear service

Did your pool misbehave and is the water green or cloudy pool?  Does the task of clearing it seem daunting?  Have you tried to clean and clear the pool with limited or no success?  Maybe you are too busy to spend hours adding chemicals and having your water tested.  Our Clean Team offers this problem solving  service which will take your green cloudy pool to clear and sparkling!  We clear it by whatever means required.  Sometimes we will even bring out a portable filtration system to help your pool equipment do the job as quickly as possible and maximize your swimmable days.

Hot tub maintenance service

Most folks find taking care of their hot tub chemistry fairly straight forward but some of us simply don’t want to be learning about how to prevent soaking in chemical soup.  If you want your hot tub safe, soft and shiny and ready to use whenever you need to decompress, then the answer is a simple once per week visit from our spa maintenance service.


If any or all of these services sound like something that may be right up your ally, then simply click on our brochure: Leave the work to the Experts: Aqua-Tech’s Weekly Maintenance Options.


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