Lets Get Rid of Foam with ANTI-FOAM!

How to Get Rid of Hot Tub Foam Getting rid of foam is actually easier than you might think. Before you try to do any corrective matters on your own, TEST YOUR WATER. A water test will help to see the chemical breakdown of spa’s water. Testing for pH, sanitizer, alkalinity, and total dissolved solids… Read More»

Mineraluxe Weekly Hot Tub Maintenance

The Mineraluxe Three Month Bromine System has everything that you need to maintain a healthy and perfectly balanced spa. It easily saves you time and frustration spent on proper balancing, and does not cost very much more than traditional spa chemical balancing. Fall in love with your hot tub all over again! START UP –… Read More»

Base for a Hot Tub

A hot tub with water and people weighs about 5,000 pounds. It’s important it rests on a flat , level and secure surface. It must be flat so the weight of the tub is distributed evenly, if one area of the base juts up then it may cause structural damage to the spa. Normal distribution… Read More»

Winter spa care is easy with TRIO

Yes, the Trio weekly hot tub water care system is the simplest, most cost and time effective method of taking care of your spa and hot tub water. Don’t let the 3-month duration of the kit make you think that in our Manitoba winter that you can’t use the system – it is quick and easy!

6 Products All Hot Tubs Should Use

Hot Tub Cover Selector

Some people may say that taking care of a hot tub is tough work or that’s what they have been told. Truth is, it is not all that hard. With these 6 products, maintaining a hot tub is easy and allows you to enjoy your tub more than ever before!

Winnipeg: Top 5 coldest cities in the World

Winnipeg WInter

What does a moniker like this have to do with being Winnipeggers and owning a Hot tub? Well although some of the earliest recorded hot tubs trace back to the 4th century BC, the areas that they were made I can tell you never had temperatures that went below 32F/0C. First have a look at… Read More»

What You’ll Discover With Hot Tub Water Testing

Your hot tub should be a source of relaxation, family fun and therapy, not work.  Many spa owners feel that hot tub water testing is either difficult, time consuming or frustrating, therefore they decide not test their hot tub water.  The truth is, regular hot tub testing helps improve water quality and bather comfort.  By… Read More»

Weekly Pool Care and Maintenance Pricing

pool care checking

There are 2 main components to owning a pool – specialized service (like pool opening, pool closing and repairs) and regular preventative care and maintenance (cleaning the pool, testing and adjusting the chemistry, etc). Many of us have lawn care services or help cleaning our house so we can spend the limited time we have… Read More»

Excessive Sanitizer (Bromine and Chlorine) in Hot Tubs

We are often asked what is the most important thing to take care of in your hot tub…. the answer is easy: sanitizer – it is the one thing that keeps you and your loved ones safe while having spa fun. Bromine/Chlorine levels are very important to maintain at ideal levels. When bromine/chlorine levels are… Read More»