Base for a Hot Tub

A hot tub with water and people weighs about 5,000 pounds.

It’s important it rests on a flat , level and secure surface. It must be flat so the weight of the tub is distributed evenly, if one area of the base juts up then it may cause structural damage to the spa.

Normal distribution would have that 5000 pounds over approx. 50 sq ft (assuming a 7’x7’ tub.) Therefore approximately 100lbs per sq ft. but if we have an uneven base we are sending all the weight to the higher portion of the base.

The base must be level so the skimmer operates effectively. Water maintains a perfect level so if the base is out of level the water will be higher on the low side. If the skimmer is on the high side you may starve the skimmer for water and burn out your pump.

Lastly it must be secure, i.e. handle the weight of the tub. Option A is a concrete pad but a good alternative are EZ pads. You still excavate the sod and use a 3” compacted limestone base and then lay the plastic pads down. Ensure they are level as noted above and now you have a secure base but it’s removable if you move or change locations of the spa!

We sell the pads so you can do it yourself or we can have our in house construction staff do it for you!

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