Winter spa care is easy with TRIO

Yes, the Trio weekly hot tub water care system is the simplest, most cost and time effective method of taking care of your spa and hot tub water. Don’t let the 3-month duration of the kit make you think that in our Manitoba winter that you can’t use the system – it is quick and easy!

How to use the Trio spa water care system in winter

The first part is exactly what you are used to – fill your spa or hot tub and add 1 Start pouch, 1 Weekly pouch and your sanitizer (bromine or chlorine – your choice). Then balance your water as usual.

trio start up
trio start up
balance your water
balance your water

Keep adding your #2 Weekly pouch once a week, every week (and your sanitizer) until your three months of Weekly pouches from your kit are gone.

easy once a week
easy once a week

What do I do when it is time to drain?

Here is where the magic happens, instead of adding the #3 Finish pouch, put it off to the side and save it for later.
Add a new #1 Start pouch to replenish the amazing water softeners and restore the Trio system to maximum efficiency.
Keep adding your # 2 Weekly pouches until this kit is consumed (3 more months of awesomeness) with your chlorine or bromine and keep good water balance.
Then, in the spring (6 months after your fresh fill) add BOTH of your #3 Finish pouches from your stock to clean the system in all the places you can’t reach and prepare the spa to freshly fill.

drain in spring
drain in spring

Simple, soft and safe – Trio and the magic of 3 – 3 months of natural hot tub water care; 3 amazing softeners built right in for the best water quality with the least cost and complexity and safest spa and hot tub water for you and your family

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