6 Products All Hot Tubs Should Use

Some people may say that taking care of a hot tub is tough work or that’s what they have been told. Truth is, it is not all that hard. With these 6 products, maintaining a hot tub is easy and allows you to enjoy your tub more than ever before!

Pipe Cleaner

Swirl Away. This is a product that flushes out your pipes and removes bacteria that may have been formed such as algae.



Bromine or Chlorine. This is a disinfectant for your water. Use this regularly to have clean and sanitized hot tub water!

bromine vs chlorine
bromine vs. chlorine

Stain and Scale

This product is used to prevent stains from occurring formed from metals that may be found in your water. Also it prevents the formation of scale on the surface of your tub as well as your filter. Making sure that this is in your hot tub is very important because it prolongs the life of your hot tubs heater!


Balance Pak 100 – This is your alkalinity increaser. If your alkalinity is not in balance, it may cause corrosive and irritating spa water, which in turn may cause staining and etching of your spa surface.

Balance Pak 200 – This is your pH increaser. Your pH should always be between 7.4-7.6 so that your chlorine or bromine can work at their optimal level.

Balance Pak 300 – This is your calcium hardness. If you have a low calcium hardness the plaster etched will become abrasive and uncomfortable for bathers. Rough plaster makes cleaning difficult and it increases algae problems within your hot tub.

Lo N’ Slo – This is your pH decreaser. If pH is too high, hot tub water becomes uncomfortable for bathers, sanitizers lose their effectiveness, water can also become dull and cloudy. Also, scale starts to form more readily.


Water Clarifier

Polysheen. This product binds small particles that have a hard time getting together to combine into larger masses so that the smaller particles can be filtered through.



Spa Lite. This product eliminates organic waste as well as chloramines in your hot tub. In other words, this product gets rid of all the irritating stuff in your hot tub water! Use this product weekly and you will have much cleaner water!

These 6 products make your hot tub care easy and worry-free! Happy Hot Tubbing!

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