Exciting new hot tub accessories

Every day we ask clients we see in the showroom – ‘What’s New’? Everyday the hot tub industry is developing and releasing exciting new hot tub accessories.

The most popular hot tub accessory: Hot Tub Covers

Did you know that hot tub covers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes?  That they are customer designed in a variety of different thicknesses for your specific spa needs?  Some with shorter skirts to account for your deck of custom installation.  There are even hot tub covers with your favourite sports team logo to show your superfandom!

New Hot Tub Accessories | Aqua-Tech

Hot tub steps are another valuable accessory

Entering your spa is the best part of the day.  Knowing that you and your family are safe while doing that can take a load off your mind.  New innovations in hot tub steps contain storage areas for fragrances, towels and beer!

What? A bar for the hot tub?

Speaking of beer – do you have a nice place to rest chips, dip and your glass of Chardonay?  If not, as your hot tub dealer or click here for the latest information on aftermarket bars and tables for your hot tub or spa.

Aromatherapy – the sweetest smelling hot tub accessory

If you have tried fragrances in your hot tub and been let down, talk to your hot tub professional about the most modern and innovative spa fragrances.  New formulations with natural ingredients, essential oils and biodegradable recipes have taken aromatherapy for your spa to new heights!

There are new hot tub accessories coming to market everyday.  Items to make jobs for the spa easier – like filter cleaning wands and prefilters when filling the spa.  The best way to stay up to date is partner with your hot tub care provider or click here to ask us!






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