Salt Water



Balance Your Salt Water

Saltwater pools require special care to preserve the perfect balance. When you choose Aqua-Tech as your pool care partner, you’ll be able to access the best-quality saltwater pool products on the market. You will be provided with guidance and support every step of the way, thanks to the expertise we’ve gained in our 30+ years of maintaining ideal water chemistry – a combination that you just won’t get anywhere else in Winnipeg!

The Unique Requirements of Saltwater Pools

Saltwater pools are becoming increasingly popular, as homeowners search for alternatives to traditional water care products. However, salt pools require their own specific maintenance schedule. Ensuring you understand the intricacies of managing your saltwater system is paramount to preventing common problems that will cause you to lose days of swimming!

Visit us to learn how our exclusive systems can help to ensure that your pool offers you the incredible experience you want all season long. With the right approach, clean, clear water that’s gentle on your body, your pool structure and the environment is possible!

Maintain Clear Water in 15 Minutes a Week

When you want to make sure your water is balanced or you’re facing a problem, we can help. Our water testing facility analyzes 13 different parameters where traditional tests only look at five. This gives you a comprehensive picture of what’s happening in your pool and gives us all of the information we need to make corrections.

Ensuring that your saltwater pool stays swim-ready all season long is a priority for Aqua-Tech and it’s why we create simple to follow, programmed approaches to water care for our salt pool owners. By following our guidance and using our high-quality saltwater care products, you’ll be able to ensure your salt pool stays sparkling all season in just 15 minutes a month.

Struggling With a Problem?

Join our community and get answers to common questions, discover how other people have been successful, and learn more about what’s causing the issues you’re facing.

Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

Don’t just take our word for it. See why our customers love us!

Very happy with the experience

A huge contributing factor in us deciding to go with you was your conviction that once you start a job you stay until you’re finished. We’re very pleased!


- Donna

I highly recommend

Your staff is always courteous—this in turn builds customer confidence in your company as well as trust. Kudos to Kathi and Al as well as the water lab!


- Birgit D.

The service was excellent..

As you know, we discovered at the beginning of the summer that our pool liner needed replacing. The excellent service and price that we received from you was awesome.


- Wes and Linda P.

Our experience has been fantastic!

It was David’s leadership skills, efficiency and communication skills that enabled us to laugh at the weather and wait the arrival of our new pool liner with anticipation, not frustration.


- Peggy

Very Impressed!

The pool and decking ended up being better than we expected and the project was done in the exact amount of time we were told it would be.


- Jeff and Val L.

Definitely Do Business Here Again

The people in the crew were friendly and co-operative doing excellent work and cleaning up the jobsite as well. As in my past experience, Aqua-Tech has again done a first rate job. I look forward to referring your company to friends and acquaintances.


- Al C.

Great Customer Service!

This letter is in regards to the excellent service we have received from Aqua-Tech. Whenever we have had problems we have phone and talked to either Rob or Dave and they have been very courteous and helpful.


- Armande and Guy D.

We Love Our New Hot Tub!

I think the best part of the spa is that it is a great family conversation place and a chance to enjoy the starry sky. We are extremely satisfied with the quality and the design.


- Rosalie O.


Request Water Care Assitance

Our team understands how frustrating it can be when your spa isn’t working properly. We’ll work hard to get it back in peak operating condition for you and your loved ones.