Have clear, algae-free and balanced water all season long with these innovative, exclusive products—only from Aqua-Tech!

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Find out how simple it can be to maintain the perfect water chemistry all season long! Learn when to clean your pool and how to reduce stress, while keeping products and costs at a minimum.

You invested in a swimming pool to enjoy it–not to spend time fixing it. The best way to ensure your water stays clear, algae-free and swim-ready all season long is to rely on Aqua-Tech as your source for the high-quality products you need to keep your water chemistry balanced and comfortable. When we’re your water care partner, you’ll be able to keep your pool in perfect condition all summer long in just 15 minutes a week and you’ll never be disappointed by the results.

Chlorine and Alternative Water Care Options

In our 30 years in business, Aqua-Tech has developed many exclusive relationships allowing us to offer our customers the best products available. Our Dazzle product range includes the highest quality yet gentlest products on the market. While in some cases, these products are more expensive than harsher, less effective options, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll save in the long term. Our high quality Dazzle products and easy to follow water care schedule will help you avoid the problems that will inevitably require hundreds of dollars to fix and keep your family out of the pool for weeks.

I think that Kathi went way above and beyond the level that I would have expected from almost anyone else—even to the point of offering to bring additional supplies to me on a Sunday. You’ve got a great team there.

Expert Support and Advice

water testingOur team of experienced water care experts will design a programmed approach to water care for your pool by drawing on our decades of experience and superior products. We’ll help you identify the best way to keep your pool in perfect condition throughout the entire summer, regardless of the weather or your usage. You’ll find that when you use our comprehensive methodology and exclusive products you’ll be able to prevent common problems from occurring in much less time than you think. You can even sign up for tailored product deliveries and never have to worry about running out again because our team will ensure that your stocks are replenished exactly when you’ll need more.

Minimize Weekly Maintenance

When you use the right chemicals and our programmed approach, you’ll spend just 15 minutes a week to keep your water crystal clear and perfectly balanced all season long. There no doubt that your swimming pool is an investment: don’t cut corners in your water care regime. Visit our showroom for all of your swimming pool chemicals or shop now!