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You can enjoy beautiful, crystal clear and safe water in under five minutes a day! Find out how easy maintenance for your fresh water or salt water pool can be.

Are you ready to enjoy worry free water care? Aqua-Tech’s skilled team can show you how simple it can to be to have crystal clear water with minimal effort all season long. Visit our in-house Water Doctors for your customized prescription for worry free water care. Work less, spend less and enjoy swimming all summer long.

Programmed Approach to Water Care

When you take advantage of our programmed approach to water care, you’ll get our decades of experience working to help you prevent cloudy, algae-filled water without any effort. All you have to do is bring a water sample to our fully equipped water lab, and we do the rest. Our diagnostic facility allows us to pinpoint any water chemistry issues you’re experiencing with your pool or hot tub, put measures into place to correct them now and prevent them in the future.

Simple On-Going Maintenance

Once we learn more about you, your family and your water care goals, we’ll create your unique tailored worry free water care plan. We’ll design a customized blend of our high-quality, gentle products to help you keep your water crystal clear and sparking. All you’ll have to do is follow your simple prescription directions once a week.

Last summer, as a rookie pool owner, I needed all the help I could get and so, when you folks recommended Optimizer and showed me the brochures, I was hooked. Thanks to all at Aqua-Tech for all the help and support.

Tailored Product Deliveries

Did you know that you could also sign up for regularly scheduled tailor-made water care deliveries? We’ll send you the supplies you need when you need them–you won’t even have to come into the store so you’ll never run out.

When you choose Aqua-Tech for help with your pool and hot tub, your water care routine couldn’t be easier! Get started today!