Things to ask about swimming pool slides

  Swimming pool slides come in all sorts of sizes and prices. Slides can add a whole lot of fun to the backyard resort but be sure your pool is suited for a slide. Safety is important when considering the location and whether you can have a slide. The slide manufacturer will have guidelines to help you determine… Read More»

What are some of the benefits of a heat pump?

When the question of how to heat your pool arises, one appliance that demands inspection is a high performance heat pump. Whether you are building a new swimming pool or updating your pool equipment, a heat pump offers an excellent alternative to the traditional natural gas heaters found on most residential pools. Lower operating cost,… Read More»

Ways you’ll be impressed by an infinity pool

If you decide to build an infinity pool you will be impressed by its many features. Infinity pools have been named a few different ways… negative edge, endless pool etc. The concept is that at a certain angle the water extends into infinity. Read more for some of the features of infinity pools that are bound to… Read More»

Pool Closing Water Balance

Did you know that  a water test prior to pool closing is as important as a spring time sample? Most of us forget that pool closing is a time to tidy up any unfinished business from a summer of fun.  We almost look forward to closing the pool for the season as one less thing… Read More»