Transform Your Backyard On a Budget!

Winnipeg winters feel like they last forever… Especially for pool owners! But one thing you can do while you wait for the snow to melt, is to get some inspiration from this post on how you can transform your backyard on a budget!

Potted Plants

Adding potted plants around your pool will add pops of color, without a mess! Plus plants and flowers help purify the air and brighten your mood, giving you an overall zen feeling. If you have a fence around your pool, you can add hanging plants along it! Try looking at your local Walmart, Canadian Tire, etc. to find affordable pots and plants. Here are some ideas!

pool plant  potted plants  plant  pool pl


Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs are a must-have for around the pool. They give your yard a total relaxation vibe! Perfect for catching some rays, reading a book, or watching the kids in the pool.

chairs  lounge  chairs lounge


Fire Pit

Create an area in your yard to put a fire pit! Everyone loves a good bonfire. If you’re handy when it comes to building, you could get creative, OR check out your local Walmart, Canadian Tire, or Superstore. Keep your eyes out because they often have sales! Place some stones around the area, set up your new pit, and surround it with some lawn chairs!

fire pit  pit  pool ffire put



Add some lights around your backyard! Then you’ll enjoy those evening swims or having company over even more! You can usually find these for pretty cheap at local department stores. Add some solar lights around your pool, or some string lights around your gazebo or patio furniture!

pool liht  patio lights  lights


We hope these ideas gave you some inspiration or even led you to something else you want to try this summer! Make the most of your back yard and create the haven you desire, all it takes is a little creativity.


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