Ways you’ll be impressed by an infinity pool

If you decide to build an infinity pool you will be impressed by its many features. Infinity pools have been named a few different ways… negative edge, endless pool etc. The concept is that at a certain angle the water extends into infinity. Read more for some of the features of infinity pools that are bound to impress you!

Pleasing appearance

The main cool feature is the view and eye pleasing look of the infinity pool. There is something serene about the water being at the very top of the pool and flowing over. Even if you don’t have Lake Winnipeg behind as a backdrop the effect is still quite stunning. The pictured pool was built by Aqua-tech just north of Victoria Beach. From inside the shallow end it appears the pool water joins the lake water. Imagine floating on your inflatable mattress on a nice hot summer day with that view! (Yeah… the palm trees aren’t real)

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Catch basin

Another way you will be impressed with your infinity pool is the catch basin the pool flows into. We used glass tile in Caribbean blue to keep the sparkling pool water effect as it cascades over the wall. Even from the opposite end of this pool the view is dramatic and impressive. You can make this a secondary seating area with a great focal point. Did you notice the frog likes this vantage point as well?

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Infinity edge

An infinity edge can be 8’ long or as much as all 4 sides of the pool. To keep the effect as stunning as possible we recommend a ¼” minimum of water flowing over the edge. The gallons per minute flowing over the edge is significant and must be calculated into the pump and catch basin sizing. It’s critical to deal with an experienced builder to achieve the correct results. At the Aqua-tech display pool we have an example of an 8’ negative edge. The display shows how impressive the back side of the water feature can be as well. Another benefit is the lower sitting area adds interest by simply being at a different elevation.

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Aqua-tech is currently working on our most impressive negative edge pool to date. The pool is 20 x40 with three sides a full negative edge. Stay tuned for more great pictures in the months to come!


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