Cleaning of Hot Tub and Spa Filters

hot tub filter cleaning

Did you know that your hot tub and spa filter should be CHEMICALLY cleaned (not just rinsed or hosed off) about once a month? Well, you know now!  The cleaner you keep your spa filter the less chemicals your hot tub will require and the easier and less expensive your spa will be to maintain.

The Latest Technology in Hot Tub Pumps

Today’s hot tub pump uses 60% less energy & runs 40% cooler then its predecessor. The technology has a Smart chip in the motor that gradually increases RPM power up to minimize impellor cavitation and insure air lock free startups. Lower motor temperatures reduce potential scaling, extends the motor life and minimizes kinetic heat addition.

How to know if you need a hot tub heater replacement

hot tub heater replacement

It is clear to us that if a roast comes out of the oven half cooked, the heat must not be working.  In a hot tub, though, how do you know if you need a heater replacement?  Some visual diagnostic tips throughout this post will help you to determine when it may be time to… Read More»