The Latest Technology in Hot Tub Pumps

Today’s hot tub pump uses 60% less energy & runs 40% cooler then its predecessor. The technology has a Smart chip in the motor that gradually increases RPM power up to minimize impellor cavitation and insure air lock free startups. Lower motor temperatures reduce potential scaling, extends the motor life and minimizes kinetic heat addition.

Hot tub pump longevity

The new 56FR jet pumps run cooler then the old school 48FR pumps and are a more robust pump with better and quieter performance. Overall the latest technology hot tub pump has a lower failure rate. Universal mounts allow easy retro fitting for either your favorite service Tech or do it yourself hot tub owners.

Innovations In New Hot Tub Pumps

These pumps are made in an ISO certified facility and made specifically for hot tub applications. They are co-developed with the pump/motor manufacturer and Sundance spas to ensure an eye for detail and succinct harmony with the other products associated with hot tubs. They are less complex and have less parts then old school pumps.


One of the biggest advancements in the latest technology in your hot tub pump has to do with the plumbing it is connected to. By making a less complex pump and combining it with efficient plumbing the horse power can be lowered to give you an enhanced performance from your jets that our competitors can only achieve with a higher horse power pump which runs hotter and less efficient and has a shorter lifespan.

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