How to know if you need a hot tub heater replacement

It is clear to us that if a roast comes out of the oven half cooked, the heat must not be working.  In a hot tub, though, how do you know if you need a heater replacement?  Some visual diagnostic tips throughout this post will help you to determine when it may be time to have your hot tub equipment serviced so it can perform at top efficiency and prime comfort.

Is your Water  NOT getting to the temperature that you desire?

Over time, deposit can occur on a heater element.  The cause of this can be  from challenging source water or failure to keep up with recommended water care your hot tub requires. Once a deposit has made its way to the element it is very difficult to reverse. With this challenge, an element has difficulty in transferring the heat to the water in the way it was intended to.  This failure causes not only lack of heat, but an inefficient use of electricity. If you are unable to reach your desired temperature, it is likely that a hot tub heater replacement is required.

Is it taking a long time to get the water to your desired temperature?

In general terms it takes approximately 1 day for a Hot tub to reach its desired temperature. Once the water reaches the set temperature, in average conditions the unit is capable of retaining this temperature.  If in a 24 hour period with the hot tub covered you are not able to achieve your desired temperature, it is an indication that service should be performed.

Electrical Breakers

If you notice that the breaker is shutting off on you periodically or the GFCI is triggered, this is a symptom that the unit is in need of a hot tub heater replacement. The breakers are designed to pick up faults in the heater element and alert a trigger to shut the unit down if the element is not within the correct parameters. Electrical breakers are not supposed to shut off regularly.  If you find that this is happening on your hot tub schedule service immediately.

Next steps

Keeping up with hot tub maintenance, especially with heat, is good practice so that your tub is always ready when you are. The number one cause of heater failure is poor water chemistry. Will good water balance and monthly testing with your professional hot tub dealer, Hot tub heaters can last a long time. The average life of a hot tub heater is about 5 years. When the time comes for a hot tub heater replacement the Aqua-Tech service team can keep you in hot water. For more information on hot tub heater replacements, and more, contact Aqua-Tech or stop in and see us today!



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