Mineraluxe Advance Sticks

What is the advantage of these sticks? Less sanitizer needed for less cost, more convenience and peace of mind Less sanitizer needed – reduced water balancing time and costs Crystal Clear water for more enjoyment Improved protection against bacterial and algal infestations for less cost and better results Protection from stains and scale for less… Read More»

The Proper Weekly Pool Maintenance Checklist

pool care checking

Water without the correct amount of chemical balance can damage various parts of the pool. It can cause staining on your liner, which would lead to replacing your liner. Also, the pool equipment like heater, pump can be damaged due to corrosion. Which would mean replacing sooner than you would like. Performing proper weekly pool… Read More»

What Causes Green Pool Water

There are so many things that can and do cause your pool to go green. There are also many different shades of green that your water can be, all of which can mean very different things. When a customer comes in and says their pool is green, there are numerous questions we need to ask… Read More»

Pool Chemicals For Dummies: Our Super Easy Water Care Guide


Pool chemicals for dummies.  Now that’s my kind of guide!  If you’re a little confused on what all these things are and you just want water that feels nice as well as looks nice, here’s your guide.  Because Aqua-Tests for 14 different components, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what everything is, what it… Read More»

Why Thorough Water Testing is So Important

Many people think that having a test kit or tests strips at home is enough for pool water testing.  Although it is a quick way to do a check up with your water chemistry, it is still very important you bring in a water sample to Aqua-Tech once a month.  Why you might ask?  Aqua-Tech’s… Read More»

How To Get Exclusive Pool Supplies In Winnipeg

Here at Aqua-Tech we carry amazing products that no one else has!  We did our own research to come up with the best.  We provide our customers with a free water testing service that gives us a detailed prescription of your pools needs to help you keep it balanced and well maintained.  The technology we… Read More»

Easy Pool Chemical Calculator Guidelines

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all of the water testing that goes on throughout the summer. What all of the water testing is for, why we need to do it and what it actually does for your pool. Here are a few of the things we test for, why we test for them… Read More»