How To Get Exclusive Pool Supplies In Winnipeg

Here at Aqua-Tech we carry amazing products that no one else has!  We did our own research to come up with the best.  We provide our customers with a free water testing service that gives us a detailed prescription of your pools needs to help you keep it balanced and well maintained.  The technology we use goes above and beyond and creates a complete break down of what your pool needs, and how much of each product.  Aqua-Tech is the one stop shop to the best pool supplies in Winnipeg!

Our water lab technicians are here to answer any questions you may have about the water chemistry in your pool.  Their knowledge in these top of the line exclusive products will help you save money and guarantee that you are purchasing the right product the first time and of the highest quality. We are here to serve you, and to work with you as a team to keep your pool looking sparkling blue all summer long.

Over the course of Aqua Tech’s life of over 30 years we have developed deep roots and a ‘we are here to help’ mentality.  We want to know you and your family, if we don’t already.  As our roots continue to grow all of our customer become be a part of it.  Aqua-tech pool supplies are from the largest chemical manufacturers in the world, and have the most technologically advanced chemicals and testing procedures.  Our chemicals and our water lab technicians work together to maintain safe and clear water and to eliminate any problems.

Aqua-tech carries different brands of top quality pool supplies:


Biogaurd Smart Pak – This 15 Minute Work Week Program uses a 3 Step System that is fast and simple.  It includes:

Chlorine Smart Sticks:  This is your santizer that goes into your skimmer

Smart Shock:  This is your oxidzer which clarifies and maintains your pool water to get rid of any swimmer waste

Banish: This is your algaecide which prevents any algae growth


Dazzle uses a Pure and Simple Maintenance Program:

Activator:  added to the pool in the beginning of the season

Purify sanitizing chlorine sticks:  sanitizer that goes into your skimmer

pouches of Cleanse: your oxidizer which rids any swimmer waste and clarifies your water


Pristiva uses a 3- Step Salt Water Maintenance Program .  All you need to do is add the monthly maintenance of Pristiva Primer, the monthly maintenance of the Pristiva Shock, and the Pristiva Premium Salt needed to maintain a proper salinity level.  All of this just once a month!

Aqua-Tech cares about you. We build relationships and a rapport with manufacturers that revolve around their support and respect to get the very best service, quality and value for our customers.  We at Aqua-Tech believe in spending less money and spending more time in the pool.  We stand by our product to provide the best quality and value for our customer.  We are committed to excellence!  If we don’t know the answer to your question, we will direct you to the right person that will give you the correct answer the first time.

Come on down and discover these worry free products for yourself, and while you are at it meet the team at Aqua-Tech!


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