The Proper Weekly Pool Maintenance Checklist

Water without the correct amount of chemical balance can damage various parts of the pool. It can cause staining on your liner, which would lead to replacing your liner. Also, the pool equipment like heater, pump can be damaged due to corrosion. Which would mean replacing sooner than you would like. Performing proper weekly pool maintenance is very important for preventing any of these things from happening, as well as maintaining a clean, and safe pool.

Importance Of Proper Chemicals

A pool without proper chemicals is not a safe place for a person to swim. It can irritate eyes, and skin of the swimmer. Improper balanced water can cause cloudy water, and even green water.  When testing your pool and the chemistry is out of balance, or if there is other problems, bring a water sample (1litre) to the Water lab at Aqua-Tech.

Weekly Maintenance

Perform your weekly maintenance:

  • Smart Sticks – As many or as few as it takes to keep the chlorine testing 1-3 ppm into the skimmer
  • Smart shock pouches – broadcast into the pool ( 1 per 40,000 ltrs of water)
  • Banish – into the pool (20 ml per 10, 000 ltrs of water)
  • Vacuum the pool and clean your filter
  • Back wash sand or rinse cartridges
  • Check the sump pit and ensure that it is operating properly

Picking a day of the week for your regular maintenance, like a Sunday for example, will help you to stay on track to keeping your pool well maintained. It will take an hour of your time, which will save you time and money.

Other Maintenance

After a heavy rain or a party, you want to make sure that the weekly smart shock or cleanse is put in around the deep ends of the pool to “gas-off” any organic wastes. Weather and bather use in the water can change the chemistry drastically.


1. Pick a day of the week to maintain consistency

2. Check your equipment

3. Smart sticks into the skimmer

4. Your weekly smart shock or cleanse pouches into the pool water (preferably the deep end)

5. Banish into the pool water

6. Brush and vacuum to loosen any particles in the water clinging to the walls

7. Rinse your filters, spraying one pleat at a time to get the best working filter

We at Aqua-Tech want to partner up with you and give you the most out of your Summer months. Remember to bring us a water sample to the water lab team so we can help make sure your pool is balanced and well maintained. Spend less and swim more!



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