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Your hot tub is versatile: whether you want to enjoy a relaxing soak to reduce your stress, diminish aches and pains or entertain guests, you can easily personalize your experience at the touch of a button. But another way to ensure that your soak is exactly as you want is by incorporating a few accessories that you can get for your hot tub, all of which are readily available from Aqua-Tech.

Enhance your Comfort

When it comes to accessories that can enhance your comfort and relaxation, Sundance Spas manufactures some of the best! Their range of specialty products ensures that you’re in the most tranquil state possible. For example, you can find specially designed cushions to provide a boost for users under 5’4″ to prevent floatation. You can also find a range of scents that conjure memories of far away islands to the most relaxed state that you’ve ever been in. Simply add these to your spa to awaken your senses.

Hot Tub Covers

Regardless of whether your Sundance Spa is inside or outside, a hot tub cover is an accessory that benefits every single tub. There are several advantages of relying on a hot tub cover: they help to regulate water temperature and reduce the cost of chemical loss due to evaporation; they help to prevent foreign objects from entering the tub and causing dirt to build up; and they can improve safety by preventing accidental submersion.

It’s important that a hot tub cover fit your spa perfectly, otherwise you’re likely to miss out on some of these benefits. When you need a replacement cover, turn to our extensive range to ensure a perfect fit and seal. Regardless of size, shape or the customizations that you’ve chosen, we’ll provide you with a cover that will match not just your existing backyard design but that also shows your personality and style.

The range of possible customizations is endless. For example, avid sports fans should ask us about our specially designed covers complete with the logos of your favourite teams. You’ll be able to choose from an extensive range of colours, patterns and materials, in addition to your preferred opening and closing mechanism.

You taught me how to have clear and inviting water! The spa water now feels therapeutic, relaxing and soothing. Even when the spa jets are off, tiny bubbles seem to caress your skin AND the spa water smells so fresh—like freshly washed laundry!

Accessories for Entertainment

Once you’re comfortable in your hot tub, you don’t want to interrupt your soak for anything–including a drink. Sundance Spa has created a range of accessories that easily attach to your hot tub, providing a secure area to hold refreshments.

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