Winter Hot tub Operation Tips

Hot tubs are a wonderful source of fun and relaxation.  In Winnipeg in the winter, they can also be a source of stress.  There are many great ways to enjoy your spa this winter with the right advice and hot tub supplies.  Here are 8 hot tub tips to make your winter HOT!

The right hot tub supplies make everything better

Every hot tub owner should have the following hot tub supplies and tools on hand – just in case of a spa emergency…. a submersible pump to perform a quick draining, a wet dry vacuum to remove water from the shell and plumbing, 2 gallons of proper spa antifreeze to put into the hot tub circulation system should an emergency winterizing need to happen and a portable patio heater to help keep the equipment bay warm during a power outage to prevent having to drain the spa in a critical event.

Choose the right pumps at the right time

When you use the air controls or blower for your spa, it is injecting cool air into the hot tub.  If dropping water temperature is a concern for you, ensure that you are using the jet pumps and air controls wisely.

Don’t run out

No one wants to run to the spa supply store when it is minus 35 and stormy.  Stock up on your weekly hot tub supplies, test strips, etc and have at least one spare filter on hand so you can come and visit Aqua-tech when you want to, not when you have to.  Or, order on line – delivery over $100 is free in Winnipeg at our online store.


Open the cover daily

Every day the hot tub cover should be opened and your water level checked.  If there is a leak or if the water level drops low enough, the pumps and heater will stop working.  Also, turn all the jets on, one at a time and ensure proper operation of everything.  Is your waterfall running?  Are there any errors on the control panel? When you have the all clear that everything is functioning correctly, close up the cover securely to prevent evaporation.  Many folks find using a floating cover under the large heat shield can also be a valuable tool.

hot tub deck 1

Work smarter not harder to save energy

Did you know that Manitoba Hydro recommends maintaining a consistent spa temperature to save on energy costs?  It is true – find a temperature you like and keep the hot tub there.  It takes more electricity to recover lost heat than it does to maintain a consistent temperature.  Combine that will less risk of your spa freezing as well as more convenience for spontaneous usage and the ‘set it and forget it’ method really makes ‘cents’.

You like to move it move it…

Check the filter and circulation settings of your hot tub. Make sure the water is moving 24 hours a day and seven days a week.  If your spa has a freeze protection cycle, ensure it is turned on.  Also, makes sure all your diverters and valves are open allowing free water flow through all the pipes at all times.

Drain and refill timing

Yes, Winnipeg winters are long and cold but let’s not be so hard on ourselves.  It is not THAT bad.  If you have a rocking Grey Cup party you can pick a nice day to drain and refill your spa in November.  With good water care and attention you can make that water clean, clear and comfortable until the snow sculptures are melting for Festival Du Voyageur and another nice day can likely be carved out.  Even doing a 50% water change can help cut down on the cost of hot tub supplies.  Just ensure you do this during the day when emergency service is available if you run into a hiccup.  Remember that daylight is short in the winter and time things so you are not working in the dark.


Cover it up

Last, but certainly not least is your hot tub cover.  If your cover is water logged and heavy not only is it difficult to use the spa and you will not want to be in it, but your spa is losing valuable heat.  The average life of a heat shield (hot tub cover) is 3-6 years.  If the cover is heavy, replace it. Click here to purchase a hot tub cover today.


I always love winter hot tubbing more than any time of year.  Snowflakes on my nose.  Stars in the sky.  Not a neighbour in sight.  And I am up to my chin in steamy, relaxing swirls of water.  Ahhhh, heaven. Follow these easy tips to ensure you have a hot tub during the winter instead of a giant ice cube!


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