Why choose a custom replacement hot tub cover

Many times, I field calls from people who are frantically searching for a replacement hot tub cover. Some are unpleasantly surprised when I tell them their best option is to order a custom replacement hot tub cover.  Yes, the ordering process involves a supply time line, but the end result is a custom made replacement hot tub cover that is built to withstand our Winnipeg weather and also a cover that is tailored to meet your specific installation and needs.


If your spa is indoors or outdoors, sheltered or subject to snow load, maybe the dog likes to snooze on it… there is a panel thickness, and foam density that is optimal, and this alone supports your decision to opt for a custom replacement hot tub cover.  Our goal at Aqua-Tech is to set you up with a cover that meets or exceeds the average 3-5 year cover life span. When we take a little time to discuss your installation, typical usage pattern, and unique requirements , the result is a superior product designed to thoroughly fit the bill!

Other a la carte features that make up a custom replacement hot tub cover and enable you to maximize energy efficiency, and durability are:

Overlap skirting (flaps at the center) – The fold can be a problematic area that leads to unnecessary heater activation; the overlap skirting helps to seal the edges and therefore keep heat from escaping.

Full foam center seal – a cushion insulating the full length of the center seam/fold that further reduces heat loss.


A heavier mil vapour barrier (standard is 2 mil;  4 or 6 mil upgrade available) to slow the absorption of moisture (steam) into the spa cover panels. As your panels become water logged, they get heavier and can begin to sag or collapse into the tub.

Triple stitched, webbing reinforced straps – stronger handles and lock down straps.

Covers can be manufactured as bi-fold, tri-fold, or quad-fold  and thicker  tapers ( 5”-3”, 5”-4” and 6” -4”) can have double the aluminum internal channels for added strength.


When it comes to custom replacement hot tub covers , good things come to those who wait! Call John anytime.


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