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What is the TruSwim Series About?
PDC TruSwim Series Features
A Strong Current
If you’re able to easily out swim the current, you won’t get the full fitness benefits that swim spas offer. The current should be strong enough to challenge you. When making this significant purchase, realize your strength and stamina will increase and you may desire a stronger current in the days ahead to further your fitness goals. To get a powerful swim, you need a powerful resistance, which is better measured in GPM, gallons per minute, than HP for swim spas. Horsepower simply measures how much power the pump uses, not how much water it moves. Since water movement is the true measure of a swim current’s power, gallons per minute is a much more better measurement. The industry leading TruSwim® units offer up to 5000GPM of water flow
Variable Resistance Current
A current that can’t be properly controlled isn’t much good, no matter how powerful it may be. If you aren’t able to vary the speed of the water enough, the current may be too strong for some to enjoy the swim spa or too weak to be effective. The industry leading TruSwim® models feature advanced digital control centers with programming of speeds from 1-20 , custom or standard workout sessions for multiple users with varying time lengths, varying speeds.
Smooth, Balanced Resistance Current
You will save money on a TruSwim® swim spa. When jets push air into the water, the current looks powerful but it’s mostly air and turbulence that you see. In actuality, the current isn’t strong enough for swimming. In order to swim, you will most likely have to use a tethering system. You must also make sure to swim in the center of the pool. This design assures the ultimate in a jetted swim spa option. The TruSwim® propulsion series at PDC, is the widest, smoothest most balanced swim lane available. This is due to the dual prop, hydraulic design positioned horizontally for a full 29” width of swim lane. Unique to PDC TruSwim® Series, honeycomb grates covering the propulsion system “wash” turbulence from the water as the swim current enters the unit assuring a smooth resistance current.
A Wide, Turbulent Free Swim Lane
The “swim lane” of the swim spa is the area where you can actually feel the water pushing on you. The wider the swim lane is, the easier it is to stay in the current and the more enjoyable the swim experience is. Turbulent water is difficult to swim in as it pushes you around in unpredictable ways. Poorly designed shells cause this. Most people looking to buy a swim spa don’t realize that the interior design of the swim spa actually has a big part in effecting how well the swim current performs. With decades of experience in the industry, PDC has the expertise to build straight sidewalls in their TruSwim® shell design. The straight sidewalls greatly reduce the amount of turbulence in the swim lane., allowing the strong current from the wide propulsion outlets to flow smoothly in the center of the shell, straight to the therapy end where a “bullnose”
Swim Current System
The patent pending TruSwim® propulsion swim spa series offers the market leading design with a hydraulic dual propeller, side-by-side design for a very wide, smooth and balanced swim lane.
Fitness Area
Straight sidewalls, safe side step for a wider, longer fitness area
Return Grate Position
8 large, intake grids surround sides and bottom of prop for even water return reducing bounce in the return path.
Water Flow
Fitness path direct to end bullnose, where water is evenly split returning against straight sidewalls leaving swim lane turbulent free.
Exercise Capabilities
Strong, balanced water resistance alone is effective for general fitness and therapy. Unique to TruSwim is AquaForce offered for optimum cardio and strength workout.
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