The straight talk on pool care

Some people think that taking care of a swimming pool is time consuming. Some folks have hears that pool maintenance is expensive. Sometime the rumour mill has told us that pools go cloudy, green or unsafe easily. Well, here is the straight talk on pool care – all those things are true – IF you listen to the tips those people give you on pool care. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is that pool care can be easy, economical and yes, even FUN if you have a few tools in your belt.

Straight talk tip #1: Pick a Pool Partner Professional

Bring a water sample into your local pool expert that you have picked as the people you trust to get to know you and your pool at least once a month. It is vital to test your pool water in a laboratory setting in order to stay on top of your water chemistry and prevent problems before they occur. Some manufacturer’s warranties require it. Can’t make it to the water lab with samples? I bet there is a Pick Up and Delivery Service available.

Pool care ‘keep it 100’ tip # 2: It’s not easy being clean

Make sure your skimmer and pump baskets are kept free of debris. Full baskets will interfere with your pool’s circulation and filtration system. It is also helpful to use a ‘skimmer sock’ to work as a pre-filter. Also, try to keep your pool as clean as possible. This will save you money on chemical costs and extend the life of your liner and equipment. BRUSH your pool as often as you can to remove the biofilms that can grow that you can’t see. Vacuum as required or use your automatic pool cleaner – tech tip – the more you brush your pool the less you have to vacuum it. It is also recommended to clean your vinyl liner monthly as required to remove deposits that can degrade the UV coating on the vinyl.

Straight talk tip #3: You get what you pay for

Ensure that you are using proper pool chemicals of only the highest quality. Your pool is a significant investment and should be treated with chemicals designed to prolong its life. Use of proper pool chemicals will also save you time and money! Also, if an oops happens and your chlorine level is above 3 ppm, remove your solar cover. Although pool chemicals have no shelf life, it is important to store them correctly. Keep them away from flammables such as paint and gasoline. When you have chemicals to keep over winter, any liquids should not freeze. Solid and granular chemicals can be exposed to cold temperatures.

Pool care ‘keep it 100’ tip # 4: Exceptions to your pool program

Most of us feel that a once per week, every week pool care routine is the very best way to keep your pool safe, sparkling and algae free with very little time or money. However there are some exceptions. Whenever there is a heavy rainfall or a heavy bather load, repeat your ‘Step #2’ (oxidizing treatment). For example, if your Work Week day is Saturday, but we have a heavy rainfall on Tuesday, add a Smart Shock treatment on Tuesday. You can then continue with your work week on Saturday as per usual. Also, your filter should be CHEMICALLY cleaned (not just backwashed or rinsed) AT LEAST ONCE every pool season. This removes all the oils, greases and mineral deposits that accumulate throughout the year. The older your filter media (sand or cartridge) is, the more often it will require chemical cleansing.

Well, that’s all there is to know. Honesty is the best policy and the straight talk on pool care is actually pretty easy. Get yourself a pool professional to be an active partner and get yourself a routine. With those 2 things, you pool will healthy and simple – the really important 2 things that all of us are looking for more of in our lives.

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