Mineraluxe Weekly Hot Tub Maintenance

The Mineraluxe Three Month Bromine System has everything that you need to maintain a healthy and perfectly balanced spa. It easily saves you time and frustration spent on proper balancing, and does not cost very much more than traditional spa chemical balancing. Fall in love with your hot tub all over again! START UP –… Read More»

4 Fun Hot Tub Facts

We know that all hot tub owners love their hot tubs because they are warm, soothing, and help us to escape the stresses of everyday life! However, there are plenty of other reasons to love your hot tub besides these reasons. Here are four fun facts about hot tubs which will make you love your… Read More»

What You’ll Discover With Hot Tub Water Testing

Your hot tub should be a source of relaxation, family fun and therapy, not work.  Many spa owners feel that hot tub water testing is either difficult, time consuming or frustrating, therefore they decide not test their hot tub water.  The truth is, regular hot tub testing helps improve water quality and bather comfort.  By… Read More»