4 Fun Hot Tub Facts

We know that all hot tub owners love their hot tubs because they are warm, soothing, and help us to escape the stresses of everyday life! However, there are plenty of other reasons to love your hot tub besides these reasons. Here are four fun facts about hot tubs which will make you love your hot tub even more!

Hot tubbing can help with weight loss

Forget the gym! Instead, just put on your bathing suit and jump in! In fact, just like in a sauna, the heat of a hot tub helps to overheat your body, making you sweat. The sweat is composed of excess water and salts which then leave your body and can help reduce your weight. Furthermore, hot tubs also help to boost your metabolism and help with digestion (essentially your “internal calorie burning machine”)!

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Hot tubs ARE NOT a new invention

Actually, hot tubs have existed for many of hundreds of years. The ancestor of the first hot tub can be found as early as 552 A.D. in Japan. The bathers in Japan used the warmth of hot springs, heated by the magma in nearby volcanoes as their own “hot tubs”. Other versions of the hot tub are also apparent in Bath, England where the Romans used the natural hot springs as a way to relax and de-stress.  Evidently, we are not the only generations of humans who thought that warm water could do wonders!

Backstreet’s back, ALRIGHT!

During their cruise across the Mediterranean Sea in May 2016, the American boyband “Backstreet Boys” broke the Guinness World Records title for the Most nationalities in a Jacuzzi. They fit THIRTY people from a range of countries, including France, Italy, and Switzerland all into ONE hot tub!

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Hot tubs are… the fountain of youth?

Who knew? In fact, studies show that using your hot tub on a regular basis can help slow aging (and wrinkling) by up to 20 percent. Furthermore, hot tubs also prevent “internal aging” by providing health benefits to both the cardiovascular and respiratory systems by helping circulation of both air and blood throughout the body.

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Obviously, hot tubs have fantastic benefits, historical relevance, and are culturally important. Feel free to drop by our showroom to see some of this magnificent world-record-breaking, health improving, and age-defying miracles of modern human engineering (it’s true). Otherwise, keep on looking after your hot tub and it will continue to look after you!

Happy Hot Tubbing!


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