Why You Should Test Pool & Spa Water Monthly

Why You Should Test Pool & Spa Water Monthly:

Your pool and spa water should be tested every month. Water wants to be balanced and testing it will ensure that your water will be clear and free of issues.

  • Since water wants to be balanced, whenever the PH, alkalinity or calcium hardness is low, your water will try to take what it needs from your pool liner, concrete, spa and pool/spa equipment to balance itself—leading to acidic water and damage to your liner, concretes and equipment.
  • While high chlorine is usually blamed for burning your eyes, it’s actually low PH that causes that! Acidic water will also cause skin irritation and rashes.
  • In water with high levels of PH, alkalinity and calcium hardness, the water becomes too saturated and can’t absorb anything anymore, so it spits out the extra stuff and makes the water cloudy and can cause scale to form. High and low PH can also negatively affect your chlorine and keep it from sanitizing your pool or spa properly.

Simply put:

Balanced water

  • Help chlorine work effectively
  • Less chance of pool problems
  • Lengthens the life of your pool liner and pool/spa equipment
  • Prevent staining and scale
  • More comfortable to swim in
  • Keep water clean and clear

Unbalanced water

  • Can cause green or cloudy water
  • Cause skin irritation, itchiness or rashes
  • Shortens the life of your pool/spa equipment
  • Damage your liner
  • Can cause scale build up and stains

By getting your water tested monthly, you can avoid many of these problems by keeping up to date with the health of your pool or spa and fixing it before it causes problems.



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