Saltwater Pool Technology

Saltwater Technology

Lets face it folks salt water pools is probably one of the biggest innovations of the last 15-20yrs with respect to backyard swimming pools.  So it comes as no surprise that Saltwater Pool Technology has advanced since first inception of these systems in backyards.

The Oldpool pilot1

There is a plethora of the original salt water pool analog and digital control boards out there with multiple cables going from sensor to board and back.  What happens after years of use is that the control board starts to lose calibration and diodes burn out on the circuit boards within.  Essentially normal wear and tear.  It gets to a stage where repair of these old units makes little sense as there are two integral parts to Salt water technology the board and the cell.  Once one or both go you are throwing good money after bad if you start repairing rather then replacing this old technology as replacing one half of the unit can cost close to 3/4 of what a new unit would cost you.  Not to mention with a new unit you will have a new warranty and not have to worry about service for several more years.

The New ichlor2

The biggest advancements with the new Salt Water Technology is how the electronics or the brains of the system is stored.  The brains of the system is now stored on board of the salt cell itself.  Not only are the brains stored here but all the integral switches and sensor are conveniently located here as well.  This gives you control convenience of all things salt right at your fingers in one spot.  Hard to understand error messages and lights have been replaced with easy written messages like salt low, clean cell, cold water.  Onboard diagnostics tell you the temperature of your water and your salt level.  There is more.  Not only do you have ease of use with the new but the new as is always the case with new has become smarter.  If you have an autocover the new salt technology will automatically dial down or turn off salt generation when the cover closes so as not to over chlorinate the water.  If you have a variable speed pump the new salt technology takes this into consideration and dials into whatever speed the pump is running at.  If you don’t have a variable speed pump what are you waiting for!  The new salt units are compact and take up less room on your pad.  Can you say make way for a Uv sanitizer as well!  What would new be if it didn’t have some fun with it.  The new Saltwater Pool Technology communicates, talks to and shares information with all your Smart friends like IntelliTouch, EasyTouch, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.   Check out the newest Saltwater Pool Technology here:


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