A Full L shaped pool is like having 2 pools in one! A full shallow end and a full deep end. This Crestview pool needed a new liner, circulation system as well as new broom finished concrete decking. Once the walls were exposed, there was also some corroded steel to deal with. It was originally built for the kids in the 80’s and is now ready for the grandchildren.

Project Scope

1. Touch up of pool floor

In our prairie soil, pool floors can shift, rise in one spot or become uneven for a number of reasons. When replacing a liner is a great opportunity to smooth out the pool floor and bring back that brand new pool feel.

2. Removal and replacement of concrete deck

There are many ways to amplify the luxury feel of your pool through small detail in your decking. In this project we stamped or added a textured finish to the concrete and colored it to the client’s choice.

3. Straighten and repair steel walls

The galvanized steel of pool walls are made to last decades but unfortunately they don’t last forever. When changing the liner we found corrosion and were able to ground and coat the steel so the client can enjoy their renovated pool for a long time worry free.

4. New ‘patio’ style coping

The edging of your pool can become distressed and suffer from expansion and contraction over the years. Sometimes the new popping white becomes dampened to off-white or yellow from the suns UV rays. We upgraded this clients coping to restore that popping white and restart the length of life for the coping this pool owner will enjoy worry free.

5. Replace skimmer and circulation system

Every mechanical system needs to be taken care of. When you are changing your liner, it is the best time to check how things are operating under the hood of your pool and fix any problems before they occur. While changing your liner our team performs a full 138 point inspection to make sure that you will stay swimming for years! We discovered this client had the opportunity to upgrade their skimmer and circulation system and save on energy and maintenance costs over their time owning the pool. The new energy efficient equipment is also friendlier on the environment.

Pool Renovation Process Gallery

We’re excited to showcase some of our favorite pool renovation projects to inspire you for your own backyard oasis. From modernizing outdated designs to repairing damaged pools, our team of experts have transformed pools into stunning works of art. Browse through our gallery to see before and after photos.

Pool Renovation

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to renovate your pool? Here are answers to common questions about pool renovations to help you get started working with us.
Great question! Most people like to change their pool liner in the spring as it effects the pool usage least….or so they think! The best time for your pool structure is to replace the pool liner in the heat of the summer when the ground conditions are dry and stable. The process is pretty fast and we can easily accommodate this when your family is at the cottage for a couple days. Other than that, an autumn liner replacement works great for many folks. The great news is that we change pool liners April into October so there is lots of time to get you and your family swimming
There is a lot of steps that go into changing your pool liner. What most people find surprising is that more than half of them occur before we even start to drain the water from your pool. What we find on average is that from the day the existing pool is drained until the day you are able to swim again is about 7 days.

We have 5 pool crews building dreams every day there is no snow. The sooner you click here to book your appointment with our team to discuss options the quicker we can get your pool looking beautiful! :D

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