Tuxedo 4


Tuxedo 4

The existing pool was approximately 35 years old. The homeowners had just purchased the house and wanted to totally renovate the pool and back yard. The existing pool was a 16ft x 40ft Lazy ‘L’, with a fiberglass spa/step extending out of the shallow end. The pool had a 3ft perimeter of concrete with a small patio area that combined concrete and interlock pavers. The pool also had the original wide 6” aluminum patio coping. The pool and patio area was dated and the homeowners wanted something more contemporary. They had a large family with small children and were looking for a number of items. They wanted the pool to have an automatic pool cover for safety reason, a larger concrete patio area for entertaining, and they wanted updated pool lighting as well as some kind of water feature to enhance the pool and the large back yard.

Project Scope

1. Changing the shape of the pool from a Lazy ‘L to a true 90 degree rectangle

You may be surprised to learn that we reduce the size of the pool in about 25% of our renovations. This client wanted easy care for their pool and more deck area to host family and friends. We changed this pool from a Lazy L to a true 90 degree rectangle.

2. In-pool engineered vinyl-over-steel corner step

One of the most common trends in pool renovations today are built in entry and exit ways. Built in steel steps can be customized to any shape, size and depth. Adding luxury visual appeal and another area in your pool to rest and relax, all the while functionally working as entry and exit ways.

3. Automatic pool cover with in-wall ladder with a walk on ‘vanishing lid’

Tired of rolling and unrolling your pool cover? An automatic pool cover can be added to any shape and size of a pool. New technology makes them even strong enough to support a person, not that we recommend walking on it to preserve it’s life but an added safety layer for the wandering child or perhaps the excited dog!

4. Contemporary granite water feature with lit sheer descents

One of the simplest features to add to your pool to add value and extra is a water feature. The sound of running water is proven to relax and sooth the person and, we all know one or two kids who would just love to jump off the added height and play under the stream! This water feature’s granite finish boosts of luxury.

5. Winter safety cover

Safety covers are the strongest, safest and best way to cover your pool in the winter. Anchors are installed into the concrete deck that enable a winter safety cover to be strong enough to support an elephant! The mesh on a safety cover blocks out leaves and debris that can fall and filter the uv rays and water keeping your pool free and clean during the covered months. Did you know that putting on and off a winter cover can take as little as 10 minutes? This also makes it a great solution if you are going away on a summer trip and want to feel confidence in the safety of your pool.

Pool Renovation Process Gallery

We’re excited to showcase some of our favorite pool renovation projects to inspire you for your own backyard oasis. From modernizing outdated designs to repairing damaged pools, our team of experts have transformed pools into stunning works of art. Browse through our gallery to see before and after photos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to renovate your pool? Here are answers to common questions about pool renovations to help you get started working with us.
Great question! Most people like to change their pool liner in the spring as it effects the pool usage least….or so they think! The best time for your pool structure is to replace the pool liner in the heat of the summer when the ground conditions are dry and stable. The process is pretty fast and we can easily accommodate this when your family is at the cottage for a couple days. Other than that, an autumn liner replacement works great for many folks. The great news is that we change pool liners April into October so there is lots of time to get you and your family swimming
There is a lot of steps that go into changing your pool liner. What most people find surprising is that more than half of them occur before we even start to drain the water from your pool. What we find on average is that from the day the existing pool is drained until the day you are able to swim again is about 7 days.

We have 5 pool crews building dreams every day there is no snow. The sooner you click here to book your appointment with our team to discuss options the quicker we can get your pool looking beautiful! :D

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Looking to design your dream pool? Look no further than our pool design tool! With easy-to-use features and a variety of options, we can create a custom pool design that meets your unique style and needs. Start designing your dream pool today and turn your backyard into a beautiful oasis.


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