How to incorporate your pool landscaping ideas into one final design

I know that when I am planning a dinner party my end deliverable that I want is for everyone to have a good time, enjoy the meal and leave saying ” that dinner looked and tasted great!” We all know the time it takes to do all of the little extras that seem to make the biggest difference. Truth be told there are stressful moments putting those dinners together trying to keep all of the elements in place let alone coming up with the ideas and having everything work out. That is a long analogy for why pool landscaping ideas present such a task. With the host of things to include it is easy to get overwhelmed. Here are a few tips to help navigate through the exercise. 

Working with a design team

Often this is the part that is misunderstood. Landscaping and specifically pool landscaping ideas take an understanding of all of the elements that could contribute. This will likely include items such as: Pool colours and shape, decking surfaces, water features, sitting areas, sun/shade patterns, primary and secondary focal points, traffic flow and soft green and colour-scapes to identify a few. In many ways if you have a pool in the equation things get easier as the focal identity is pronounced. The pool landscaping ideas that merge into the yard are obliged to compliment the pool partnership. An example of this could be the exterior pool decking, lets think for a moment of 3 different ways that pool decking can be used:

1. Access: a primary function can be identified as how are people going to get to the pool from the residence or other areas of the yard.

2. Seating: what is the location or locations in the pool decking where people will relax to when they want to be by the pool but not in it.

3. Traffic patterns: are there going to be children in the area? Will the perimeter be used as a race track? Perhaps creating roadblocks around areas of the deck to include plantings will arrest the ability for kids to run in circles around the pool.

With these 3 functions of 1 element we can see that different things are served. A design team member will help enable the tangible assets that come along with each pool landscaping idea to vet how valuable it is to the project.

Is it more important to have style or be functional?

Just like a dinner party the food can’t just look good it needs to taste good. The last thing you want is to have a great looking yard that doesn’t flow. It is great to have a wonderful grilling area but if people can’t access it it’s worthless. Think about how much people congregate in your kitchen when you are cooking? You really want them to go into the family room but they stay in the kitchen right? A backyard is the same way. I always suggest a great question to ask your pool landscape idea design team is, ” have you been in a thousand backyards?” This really will get you an individual that at very least has seen a minimum amount to help to be able to vision and communicate to you possible downsides to ideas that come forward. For more on learning the benefits of working with a pool landscaping idea expert, connect here.



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