Transform your backyard into your family’s personal resort.

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You’ve invested in a swimming pool to establish your backyard as the place to relax, host events that you’re soon going to be famous for and create memories with your family that will last a lifetime. Your backyard landscaping needs to match the tone set by your swimming pool, and Aqua-Tech will do just that by designing, implementing and maintaining your incredible backyard landscaping. When you’re building your beautiful, custom swimming pool, let Aqua-Tech create a lawn and garden design to match it.

Crafting Your Backyard Paradise

You want to spend your free time in your pool, not doing housework. By commissioning Aqua-Tech to design a beautiful backyard to complement the look and feel of your pool, you can decide whether a low maintenance option would work best for you or you’d prefer a lush garden or secluded city paradise. Our talented in-house team can create and execute any style you want using your pool as the focal point, from a beautifully manicured lawn, to peaceful grounds to a fully functional mini-golf course.

Entrust Aqua-Tech for the Entire Process

With other pool installers, you’d have to get a separate contractor to manage the landscaping and fencing. With Aqua-Tech as your backyard designers and landscapers, you’ll get a team who not only understand how to enhance your pool’s design, but who can work with the installers for a seamless and stress-free planning and building experience. You’ll only have one team to coordinate with, instead of multiple contractors working with various schedules. Once the design has been established, we can take on your on-going maintenance, so your stunning backyard will stay that way all season–without you ever having to lift a finger!

What impressed me the most about Aqua-Tech was that when something did arise that we didn't understand or weren't sure about, you not only explained things clearly to us, but indicated “What do we (Aqua-Tech) have to do to make you happy?” This type of impressive customer service is very rare today.


Custom-Built Additions and Hardscaping

In addition to the living elements, you can rely on our team for statement hardscape features such as water fountains or stone pathways, modifications to the terrain and structures like bridges or trellises. We also install custom fencing and retaining walls. Regardless of the hardscaping you choose, you’ll experience a consistent, high quality level service, and the added benefit of enhancing your home’s value.

When you entrust your landscaping design and maintenance to Aqua-Tech, we will make your backyard into a paradise. Don’t wait any longer. Request your design consultation now!