Hot tub service checklist

Things to have on your Hot tub service checklist

-When you are having your hot tub routinely serviced or opened you want to include a number of things on your hot tub checklist so the hot tub will run smoothly during the time of use.

-Number one on your hot tub checklist should be to check the condition of your filter and your filter backup. As simple as we think a filter may be it plays a large roll in the operation of your hot tub. A soiled filter can knock out the heat in your hot tub and also reduce flow to therapy jets. The backup filter plays an integral roll in the operation of your hot tub. When your operational filter is due for cleaning or replacing simply pull the soiled filter out and install your back up to cut down on loss of use time for you and your family.  A soiled filter is the most common cause of hot tubs producing an error code and freezing over the winter months.

-Have your equipment bay panels opened and checked for critters. Especially when moving into the winter season and coming out of the winter season. The warm area where your pumps and heater sit are a place where critters love to hibernate and setup their ranch. Eradicate them before they become a problem and cause costly repairs to your equipment, plumbing and insulation.

-Check your Flow switch for proper operation and blockage.  Most Flow switches can be visually checked for blockage.


-Test your heatshield hot tub cover. You should be able to lift your cover with two fingers to gain entry to the hot tub. If you can’t then your cover is starting to take on water and you should consider replacing it. Guaranteed if your cover is hard to lift you and your family will use your hot tub less. Always use a cleaning agent formulated for hot tub covers to preserve its surface and extend its lifespan.

-If you are doing a drain and refill consider running a plumbing flush agent formulated for hot tubs through the plumbing before you drain your water. Not only will it help remove scale and oils but it will improve performance and extend the life of your equipment. Use a surface cleaner formulated for hot tubs to clean and preserve the shell surface.

-If you have ClearRay Uv installed on your spa check your countdown timer. If you are having our service department out for service of your hot tub and your ClearRay bulb is near its expiry date it is a good proactive action to replace it and have your quartz tube cleaned.

-Test your GFCI breaker. Every GFCI breaker has a test button which should be pressed once a month and reset.

-Check the integrity of your winter safety tools. If you are running your hot tub through the winter months you should have a space heater, sump pump and shop vac in case you have to evacuate water from the spa during an emergency power outagge or other surprise interuption of operation.

-Be sure that at the very minimum you have access to the side of your hot tub that your equipment is on so the panel can be removed in case of emergency service during the winter.

-Have a sample from your hot tubs water tested in our lab. Regular testing will improve your hot tub experience and also extend the life of your equipment. We recommend 1x month.

-Lastly ask our service technician onsite about the general condition of your hot tub. Hot tubs have an average lifespan of 6-10 yrs. Most hot tubs carry a 5yr equipment warranty. After this period the hot tub starts to seriously depreciate in value. Depending on the condition of your hot tub there may be a sizeable trade in value on it towards the purchase of a new hot tub with a brand new warranty.



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