3 Water Work Out Tips For The Pool

Let’s be honest, how many of us actually get excited about working out? I know I don’t. So why not work out AND be in your pool at the same time! Here are a couple tips for getting a good workout in the comfort of your own pool.

Tip #1: Go cross country skiing in your pool

By going Cross Country Skiing while in the pool, you’re working your flutes, hamstrings and inner thighs all in one!

Tip #2: Go for a run

Who doesn’t love a little pool running? Running in the pool works your quadriceps, hip flexors, and core.

Tip #3: Jumping Jacks!

Just like when you were a kid… get some jumping jacks in there. That’ll work your outer hips, inner thighs and core.

There are many perks to a pool workout. Pool workouts are a great way to build cardio endurance. And who doesn’t need a little more endurance? One of the perks of exercising in the pool is the resistance of the water. The resistance in the water ranges between 4-42 times greater than in air. As a bonus, the water helps cool you off! Who knew working out could be so easy!


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