3 keys to work Less, spend and enjoy your pool more this summer

Pool care gets a very bad reputation. The reason seems to be that some folks who don’t understand pool care like to make a simple thing seem really complicated. Pool care is very, very easy. Sesame Street easy. Easy as 1 – 2 – 3 in fact.

Pool tip #1:

Invest in good equipment. Did you know that circulation (your pool pump) and filtration (your pool filter) are much more important than chemicals? When water is moving in the swimming pool efficiently and effectively and the tiniest possible particles of debris and organics are removed by the filter your chemicals have to not work hard at all. This allows you to use as little chemical as possible and have to apply the product less often. Wow, maybe with one tip you can work less, spend less and relax more this summer.

Pool tip #2:

BRUSH THE POOL. Yes, just like biofilms that you can’t see build up on your teeth every day and have to be brushed off the same thing is happening in your pool. By simply using a brush and 5 to 10 minutes of time just a few times per week you can remove these biofilms before you can even see them and before they consume your time and money on chemicals and cleaning. The best tools to invest in for a pool owner are a telescopic pole that reaches all areas of your pool easily and a nice big soft bristled brush that fits on the end of the pole. You will be shocked at how quickly and easily this one little thing can change your pool care time.

Pool tip #3:

ONCE A WEEK ROUTINE. Work with your pool care professional on developing a once per week chemistry routine that fits your time and your budget. New technology chemistry items are happening every year. You would be amazed at how little time and money you can spend to keep your swimming pool safe, sparkling and algae-free. All pools and all families are different and it takes a pool care professional to partner with you to narrow down the hundreds of choices and tailor a routine that is customized to fit what you need and want. Pool chemistry is more natural than you can fathom. Many new technology products are based on biomimicry (the design and production of products modeled on biological entities and processes) to ensure you and your loved ones are not splashing around in chemical soup.

For water the way nature intended, just follow the 3 keys to truly work less, spend less and enjoy your pool more this summer!

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