10 Pool Tips to keep your water at it’s BEST!

Here at Aqua-Tech, it is our mission to help you keep your water looking it’s best! Pool season is short and we want you to get the most out of your pool! Here are our TOP 10 TIPS about caring for your pool!

Our Top 10 pool Tips

10. We suggest that you bring in a water sample at least once a month. It is vital to test your pool water in a laboratory setting in order to stay on top of your water chemistry and prevent problems before they occur. Some manufacturers warranties require it.

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9. Make sure your skimmer pump and basket are kept free from debris. Full baskets will interfere with your pool’s circulation and filtration system. It is also helpful to use a ‘skimmer sock’ to work as a pre-filter.

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8. You should always try to keep your pool as clean as possible. This will save you money on chemicals and extend the life of your liner and equipment. Vacuum at least once a week or use a prowler automatic pool cleaner. It is also recommended to clean your vinyl liner by rinsing it with pool water and a soft brush every few days. This will remove deposits that can degrade the UV coating on the vinyl.

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7. Please ensure that you are using the right chemicals of only the highest quality. Treating your pool with the proper chemicals will prolong the life of your pool. The right chemicals will save you time and money,

6. The average life of a solar cover is 2 summers. To get the most out of your solar cover, remove it whenever your chlorine level is above 3 ppm. Remove your cover after any shock treatment of at least 6 hours. Store it out of direct sunlight when it is not on the pool or cover it with a white protective sheet.

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5. Although pool chemicals have no shelf life, it is important to store them correctly. Keep them away from flammables such as paint and gasoline. When you have chemicals over the winter, liquids should be protected from freezing, solid and granular chemicals can be exposed to cold temperatures.

4. The filter should be CHEMICALLY cleaned, (not just backwashed or rinsed) every year. This removes all the oils, greases and mineral deposits that accumulate throughout the year. This will help extend the life of your filter media.

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3. Exceptions to the “15 Minute Work Week:” Whenever there is a heavy rain fall or heavy bather load, repeat your Step #2 (Smart Shock Treatment). For example if your “Work Week” day is Saturday, but we have a heavy rainfall on Tuesday, add a Smart Shock treatment on Tuesday. You can then continue with your work week on Saturday as per usual.

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2. Always check with Aqua-Tech’s water lab analysts before adding any kind of clarifiers with the System 3 filtration system

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1.  Give us a call at (204) 233 – 8822 with any questions or concerns that you may have!

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Happy Swimming!


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