Your swimming pool deserves a Mineral Media Filter – the latest way to work less and spend less on your swimming pool

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Thank you for your interest in the NEW Mineral Filter for your swimming pool!


Your pool filter is the liver and kidneys of your swimming pool – it cleans out all the yuck and its job is to get dirty.  There are lots of types of filters – all’ve been created and have evolved over time in an attempt to remove the greatest amount of materials with the fewest side effects. Sand, DE and cartridge filters have a new competitor in the detox game – the Mineral Filter is the newest and most exciting thing to happen to a pool filtration in the last 50 years!


We have borrowed this exciting innovation from environmental aquaculture and ocean conservation – it is being used in drinking water treatment, and to remove foreign materials like microplastics from our oceans and lakes.  It has saved hundreds of marine mammal in zoos and aquariums.  Also, the beer industry has been heavily involved in the history of mineral filtration – who can say no when beer is involved?

What is a mineral filter?

First, we use a specialized tank – this allows you to hold a large volume of debris with very little need to discharge your heated and chemically treated pool water to flush it. Save time and save money!


Next, we use the specifically designed minerals.  This incredible product is self-sterilizing (to make sure your pool chemistry is working on the pool water itself and not needing to be consumed to overcome the biofilms and decomposition happening in the media itself) and it lasts the life of the filter with no need to replace it or the typical chemical degreasing that needs to be done in a traditional filter system at least once a year.

The mineral media catches the tiniest particle of any pool filter – meaning you get better water quality with less chemicals – down to 1 micron!! The minerals create hydroxy radicals inside the filter tank against the surface of the media.  These are just big science words that mean it is impossible for your pool to have a chlorine smell or give eye and skin irritations


Your Aqua-Tech family is the only team to offer this revolution in pool filtration.  Why would we offer a product that requires so little time, effort and money for you?  Because a Mineral Filter is the right thing to do.  Our core value is to help pool owners work less, spend less and enjoy their pool more. 

When there is the opportunity to make your pool better, making your pool better becomes our priority because we care.  Being the leader in pool design and technology gives our customers peace of mind and allows Aqua-Tech to make lives better—one pool and one family at a time.

no biofilm

Oh, and did we mention this product is made from 100% locally sourced minerals in an energy and water self-sufficient plant that is a zero waste facility? Also, unlike traditional systems with media that needs replacing and is not recyclable, Mineral Media is both environmentally friendly AND out performs all other filters.

For us, the future of residential pools must be sustainable and ecological. This is not achieved with the use of a cartridge, sand, or DE filter.  Using a Mineral Media Filter is not just about water savings, but also about chemicals and energy savings. Only the combination of all 3 makes sense.

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The New Mineral Filter for your swimming pool has the lowest cost of ownership, lowest time to maintain and smallest environmental impact of any filter—period!


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