Why your Sundance hot tub is so popular

Sundance is the largest acrylic spa manufacturer in the world. That’s a very bold true statement. Many facets of your operation must be executing at a high level to achieve such heights. Sundance started in the 1970’s and continually innovated with industry leading ideas and methods. The Sundance patents allowed the company to offer more to the consumer than any of their rivals. That momentum led to Sundance being represented in almost every major city in the world. Only the most committed professional retailers are considered eligible to be a Sundance dealer. With the best retailers as their boots on the ground Sundance continues to grow. Read more for why your Sundance hot tub is so popular.

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Jet therapy massage

One of the common reasons to buy a spa is jet therapy massage. Sundance has patented fluidix jet technology to offer the most superior massage available. The oscillating massage which operates without bearings or moving parts was a huge breakthrough in jet technology. Fluidix can offer swirling, pulsing, streaming or penetrating massage for any aching muscles you bring into your spa.

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When you flip open your cover for your hot tub it’s vital the water appears and is perfect. Sundance has patented filtration and water quality techniques unmatched in the industry. Slipstream skimming of the water surface combined with Microclean (drinking water quality) filters make for an enhanced soaking experience. The other water quality patent in a Sundance hot tub is Clear Ray UV water treatment. Clear Ray is the same technology used in hospitals and bottled water industries to achieve the most hygienic water possible.

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Sundance hot tubs are also very popular due to their engineering. The Sundance engineers have been able to reduce monthly operating costs to as low as $11 per month. Also the electronic controls and mechanical equipment far exceed industry standards to deliver the most reliable spa on the planet.

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Sundance could only become popular if Sundance owners referred friends to purchase the same brand. It’s through this word of mouth that Sundance has become the most popular hot tub in the world!

Happy Hot Tubbing!


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