Why you’ll love an automatic pool cover

If mom is the buyer of a pool than surely she will covet this option more than any other. When the call comes across the house: ” hey Ma can we use the pool?” mom knows all she needs to do is press a switch to allow access to the pool and everything is good to go. (watch this 6 second video of an automatic pool cover coming off).

What’s the big deal?

Well, security and safety always seem to top the list of the big reasons why a family will invest in an automatic pool cover but there are some other great points that fall under the radar.

Savings: WATER- When your pool is covered studies have shown that evaporation is reduced to almost zero. Although nothing sexy about that fact, in dollars with an average pool not having to refill your pool through the course of the year can add up to $200 of savings.

Savings: CHEMICALS- If an automatic pool cover is installed on your pool external things lose the opportunity to get in the water. So things like: rain, dirt, bugs, pollen all things that dramatically change water chemistry are taken out of the equation. The way you balance your water at the beginning of the year is generally the way it stays. This in most cases can add as much as $500 per year of savings.

Savings: HEAT- There are 2 things I think we all get fairly clearly.

– Natural Gas prices are going up

– Heat rises

With an automatic pool cover, you develop enough of an R-factor to keep up to 75% of your heat loss mitigated. With the average desired water temperature of 85F that means that especially in Canada the savings are north of $500 per swimming season.

A clean pool is a happy pool

There is a joke among pool service tech’s that people with automatic pool covers have no idea where their vacuuming equipment is 🙂

The reason for that is these pools just don’t get dirty. Once again if you take away he chance for wind and rain to bring in the dirt it eliminates the need for cleaning. When you combine the savings and convenience along with the security of knowing nobody can enter into the water unless you allow them in it is no wonder automatic pool covers have become so popular. If you would like a more detailed look at this option read our e-book Automatic pool covers 101automatic pool cover


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